How to conceal a pimple which has its own postcode

How to conceal pimples

Yesterday morning I woke up with a very noticeable pimple on my chin. It's not the first time it has happened so I had a few tricks up my sleave. I also called Bronzalicious straight away and booked in for another Light Therapy facial.

I knew I had to use an arsenal of my favourite products (new and old) in order to feel comfortable in public.

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Fighting Pores with Benefit and Origins

Pores with Benefit and Origins

It may sound silly but I didn't actually know I had pores until about a year ago when I discovered them at the Benefit counter in Myer. My pores are actually hidden by the freckles on my nose but that doesn't make them any less annoying. Pores will never go away but you can reduce their appearance and it doesn't need to be very hard.

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How to get a Sleek Top Bun with no Frizz

Sleek with no Frizz

I hope I'm not the only one who gets terribly frizzy hair and I also have a few fly aways that just won't be tamed with hair spray or serums. My hair is a bit lionish first thing in the morning.

I then brushed it with the help of O&M's No Knot spray to get those tangles out and put my hair up in a high ponytail.

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How to: Pack for a sleepover

How to pack for a sleepover

I am officially the worst packer in the world. I always do it last minute and bring too much stuff. It is just so boring. Even when I moved from Norway to Australia I packed in the morning and my flight was at 10am! I ended up with a bag that was 5kg overweight and I don't even want to mention my carryon, it was so heavy. I am starting to improve on my packing skills but I still have a long way to go.

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How to DIY - Remove Shellac Polish

DIY remove polish

A few weeks ago I jumped on the Shellac train again and everything was going well until I noticed a chip on my right pointy finger on Sunday night. Due to us not having any hot water I couldn't remove the shellac then and since my local nail salon is closed on Mondays I couldn't go there either. I therefore had to do it myself on Monday night.

When I go to the salon to have it removed they soak my nails in a bowl of nail polish remover. That felt a bit drastic so I decided to use some simple tools including aliminium foil, nail polish remover and cotton buds. Controversial I know.

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