Exciting News: Welcome to IngStyle!

For the past month or so I have been craving change and I needed it to happen both here and there. Some changes have been small (my new delicious sheets, for instance), and others have been bigger and a little harder to implement. One change I did want to make was here on the inter webs.

After some brainstorming and a lot of list writing I decided on making a new blog with a new direction. I felt like a new start, a fresh layout and I want to put to work the skills I have learnt over the past few years too.

There will still be beauty posts, but also lifestyle, food, entertainment and anything else that suits. I hope you will hop on over to IngStyle and check it out.
Thank you for reading xxxxx


  1. Congrats on the new blog, Ingy (and the new sheets too)!

    Will you still be maintaining this? Just need to know so I can amend my blog roll as necessary. :)

    1. Thank you honey!

      No, IGB will no longer be maintained. Hope 2014 has been good to you so far xxx


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