Popbasic - The Lost Collection

I have written about my love for Popbasic before, and their excellent micro collections just keep on coming. If you are not familiar with the concept of Popbasic, it's pretty simple. Once a month sneak peaks of a new micro collection is released and you can then choose if you want to order it. It's recommended that you subscribe to their mailing list to get a notification of when a new collection is available to order, so that you don't miss out. The pricing is very reasonable and shipping is free internationally. Madeline and her team also offer excellent customer service and it's always personalised with a handwritten note which truly sets them a part from the rest of the cookie cutter online shops.

My favourite thing about Popbasic is that the three collections I have bought so far have become complete basics for me. I have worn my Salut top on average once a week since I got it, the black Serendipity dress is stunning and the latest Sofia shirt (shown below) has become an absolute staple for me too. I love that I can pair it with jeans, shorts, a skirt and it's also perfect for layering when it's cold.
In the Sherwood collection I also received a beautiful pink knot bracelet and it goes so well with my other arm parties. The texture is nice and soft, the colour is stunning and the knot looks great.
My favourite piece is this purple Dreamer Amethyst Necklace. The Amethyst is my birthstone and purple is my favourite colour so we were always going to get along well. I love that it's a piece that stands out on its own, but it can also be layered with other necklaces to make a bigger statement.

I was recently paying for something in a store when the sales assistant practically lunged across the counter to look at the necklace. The other sales assistant laughed and apologised for the intrusion but I didn't mind at all. The funny thing was that we had just done a bra-fitting so I figured I had no personal space left. In the end it was all pretty hilarious!
Another nice surprise with Popbasic is that there is always a little treat in the box and this time it was a Twistband which is so clever. I really like mine and it's very gentle on my hair, but it can also be worn as a bracelet for an added pop of colour.
Yesterday I wore my Sofia boyfriend shirt with a Forever New skirt, a Sportsgirl clutch, Raybans, an Equip triangle necklace, Shabby Sisters pearl clusters and the good old Havaianas. I wanted to prove that shirts aren't just for work, they can look nice and feminine when combined right. The fit of the shirt is perfect, it's meant to be a little boxy and not too tight, just like that perfect boyfriend shirt is. When ordering the Sofia shirt I went immediately to a size Small instead of the XS because I wanted to have a little extra room when wearing it.

Have you tried Popbasic before? Do you agree shirts aren't just for corporate occassions?

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  1. I missed out on this collection because I wasn't too sure about the Boyfriend shirt in this collection. Darn it. Guess I should've gotten it. But, that's the beauty of Popbasic I guess, the fact that we can decide which collection we want and which ones we don't. So far I've loved all those that I've bought. The Le Breton top is so amazingly versatile and my absolute favourite so far...oh wait, maybe it's the emerald skirt...

  2. I hear more and more about Popbasic. I must give it a go. Your outfit looks great!

  3. Loving the bracelet and the necklace in particular!

    I agree that shirts aren't just for work, I like wearing them out with skinny jeans too! :)


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