The Three Minute Body Overhaul with Kate Somerville, Goldwell and Pure Fiji!

When it comes to beauty routines, I like them to be quick because it improves the odds of me actually taking the time to do them. Perhaps it's a little lazy, but it totally improves the chances of getting my hair treatment and my body and face exfoliation done on a more regular basis. Thanks to the products below I'm on a twice a week winning streak and it feels great!
Kate Somerville is an LA-facialist to the stars and her skin care range made its way to Mecca Cosmetica last year. I had heard such good things about her signature ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment (it's got a 96% approval rating online), but because my skin is sensitive I went with the ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment and I have not regretted it at all. I was sceptical about paying $75 for an exfoliant when there are so many more affordable ones on the market, but I haven't looked back. For each session I only need a pea-sized amount and the 60 mls have lasted me nearly eight months so far.

Another reason I love ExfoliKate is that it actually works. The combination of Microbeads and Fruit Enzymes makes it a powerful combination to fight breakouts, clear up the skin and speeding up the skin's cell renewal, whilst soothing the skin at the same time. It's very green which might put some people off it but I think it's funny to look like the Hulk's little sister. It's not even that bad. ExfoliKate smells a little spicy and I like it. After application it only needs to stay on for 60 seconds so it's a quick and efficient exfoliant. I prefer to use it at night time because my face can then wake up with an extra glow in the morning. Any impending breakouts are also stopped in their tracks by ExfoliKate, especially when combined with the Pure Fiji Dilo Oil.
In the past I haven't been the most regular user of hair treatments. I'm good at buying them, but not so good at making the time for the treatments to do their magic. My one excuse has been the regular application of Moroccan Oil, because it feels like my get out of jail free card. The Goldwell Color Extra Rich has changed it all thanks to it only needing 60 seconds to do it's work, and the pink colour makes me smile everytime I see it. I got it from Buy Haircare Direct which has great deals on hair care products and their shipping is quick. At the moment the treatment retails for $15.94 and it usually costs $20.95.

This treatment is meant for those who have thick to corase colour-treated hair. My hair is neither thick nor coarse, but it's in the need for some intense hydration. Since it's also colour-treated ten times over, I prioritised this as my main concern. At the moment my hair is going lighter again (thanks to the sun) and my boyfriend even asked me the other day whether I had put highlights in my hair which I definitely haven't done. I am planning on colouring my hair darker soon so by using the Goldwell Color Extra Rich I can make sure my hair is ready to absorb more colour. The treatment smells so lovely, it's very floral and I love using it twice a week. I have already noticed that my hair is looking stronger and healthier. When this treatment runs out I have my eyes on the Goldwell Rich Repair which is best for repairing dry and damaged hair.
I have written about the Pure Fiji Sugar Rub before here and here and I'm still not bored by it. I have it in the Coconut infusion, but there are plenty of other delicious infusions to pick from like mango, starfruit and frangipani. Pure Fiji has also just released a brand new Guava infusion and it is simply delicious. This massive jar of body scrub comes with a measuring spoon and if you measure it out right, there should be enough for 15-18 applications, which at my current rate will give me about nine weeks use. It costs $49.95 and is better than any spa body treatment you could have.

The fresh sugar cane crystals create an effective exfoliation which buffs away dead skin cells, and thanks to the cold pressed virgin oils the skin is left hydrated and healthy. It also gives my body a glow that I love. Exfoliation is important in winter, but even more important in summer thanks to the use of sunscreen and fake tans. The Sugar Rub can also be used as a one minute manicure treatment as a prep prior to polishing the digits. It's a great way to give your hard-working hands some TLC.
I usually wash my hair first before cleansing my face with a gentle, creamy cleanser. I then apply the Goldwell hair treatment before applying the Sugar Rub and then lastly I apply ExfoliKate and count to sixty. When it's all done I rinse off, step out of the shower and feel like a new person. It's such a great way to spend minimum amount of time to do something good for your body and soul.

What is your weekly body routine? Have you tried any of these beauties?

Xx I


  1. Awesome routine Ingrid! I really like the sound of that exfoliant, I'm yet to try anything from that brand but definitely want to. I love the smell of Pure Fiji products, their Pineapple shower gel is my favourite :)

    1. Thanks Emma! The exfoliant is the business. Pure Fiji is heaven, I must try pineapple next time. It sounds too good X

  2. Great post :)

    I love the Pure Fiji scrub. It's amazing.

    I really want to try more Kate Somerville products. I've only ever seen good reviews on the products.

    1. Thanks A!

      It's the best. I've really missed it since I've been away. KS does such good skin care, I really enjoy it x

  3. Gah, I was totally going to buy the Kate Somerville exfoliator when I was in NY, and then didn't. Kind of bummed I didnt now :(

    I love my Sunday night beauty sessions. So therapeutic!

    Luc xx

    1. You would love it Lucy. There is always next time:)

      It's so nice to have a regular beauty routine, I love it x

  4. I've heard about the Kate Somerville exfoliator, I'll definitely have to get my hands on some! Thanks for the in-depth post xx

    Find me on bloglovin:

    1. It's the best:) Let me know how you go x


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