The Australis Brow Pencil versus the Ardell Brow Defining Kit + Perfection Stencils

I love a good brow kit and I have a few up my sleave. At the moment I'm just using an eyebrow pencil from Australis Cosmetics and it does the job perfectly. It's great for when I'm in a rush in the morning because I only have to swipe it across and I'm done. I have it in the shade Dark Brown and it's a perfect colour match. What I like about it is that it's easy to fill in the brows with the precise liner, and then I comb it out with the brush on the lid. It's so convenient for travelling and parties too and I take it with me everywhere I go.

Another bonus is that it costs $7.95 and mine has lasted me for nearly a year and we're still going. Now it's looking rather ragged and worn but I still don't want to replace it until I absolutely have too. It comes in Light Brown and Blonde too so there is a shade for everyone. Australis can be bought online, and in store at Priceline, KMart, BigW and selected pharmacies.
Whilst I love my Benefit Brows-a-go-go, it's always great to see what other brands are doing. The Ardell Brow Defining Kit is more affordable at $24.95 and it has nearly everything you need for the perfect brow. I got my Ardell from one of the Her Fashion Boxes but Ardell is also available for purchase online at Priceline and Recreate Yourself and other similar stores.
There is also the option of Ardell's Brow Perfection Stencils ($9.95). I don't personally use them (preferring to use Lien's science of How To Create Your Ultimate Brow Shape At Home instead) but you really can't go wrong with these looks. If you've never used one before, just hold a stencil up and then colour in the shape of the brow. When the stencil is removed you can easily see where you should be tweezing to get the brow shape you desire. Always remember to do a little bit at a time because eye brow hairs are easy to remove, but they take a while to grow back and if you overpluck you'll have to fill in your brows for a while.
What I like about the Ardell Brow Kit is that there are three shades for brows and one light shade for highlighting. I am big on highlighting under the brow bone. I know it's really nineties but it's so flattering and lightens up the whole eye area.
When I use this kit I mix the light brown and dark brown shades together and apply them with the brush before I comb it out. I then go over it with the Brow Grooming Pencil because it contains a wax that sets the brow shape in place. The pencil also has a sharpener on the lid which is really clever. My only criticism is that the kit does not contain a set of tweezers because they are so handy to have at hand when tidying up the brows.
Here I am enjoying scones with jam and cream with some fudge on the side (yes I'm an old soul at heart), but it really is all about the brows. Since I was away I took the time to do my brows with Ardell's Brow Defining Kit and it worked perfectly. I don't mind spending time on my brows when I don't have to be in a rush when I'm getting ready and the Ardell kit does a great job, but the Australis pencil does a fantastic job too. Lucky there's room for both in my makeup bag!

How do you do your brows? What's your favourite brow product?

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  1. Great post, and your eyebrows have such a gorgeous shape to them! I've only recently started thinking about my eyebrows - they're fairly thick and dark, so I just get them threaded and leave them. But I bought the Australis 'Tint My Brow' the other day & am completely obsessed. Think the brow pencil could be next...

    Amy | Bubbles & Blush

    1. Thank you Amy! I work hard on my eyebrows:) I haven't tried Tint My Brow before but let me know how you go with the pencil xxx

  2. How gorgeous are you and your brows ha! I love a good eyebrow pen/ set!

    Luc x

  3. Your eyebrows are the perfect shape! Mine still need a little work. One regret: letting my mum pluck my eyebrows instead of going to get them done professionally in my early teens! haha. Ever since my Maybelline Define-a-Brow ran out, I've been using MAC's coquette eyeshadow which matches my brows well since they're black and stays put! I have to admit that I miss the convenience of a pencil though, so I will have to check out the Australis one! xo Jess

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