My Melbourne Purchases

I didn't do too much shopping when I was in Melbourne, but somehow I managed to pick up a thing or two. Shopping in Melbourne is always great, but I didn't have too much time so I went back to basics as usual. My bag was also full when I left Sydney so I had to keep that in mind too.
I don't usually bring my GHD on work trips because it just seems too much of an effort and a top-knot is much easier, but this time I had packed it. The only thing I forgot was heat protection but a quick trip to Priceline fixed that and the VO5 Smoothly Does it Frizz Free Creme works a treat. I like that it doubles as a frizz control creme and a heat defense creme. I had also painted my nails before I left and as soon as they started chipping I wanted to remove the polish. Sportsgirl had not one, but two different removal options so I decided to buy both because I'm indecisive like that.
The hotel room I was staying at had a bath and that meant one thing: Lush bath bombs. They are the best and such a treat. I picked up Honey Bee and Fizzbanger. Honey Bee is perfect for a soothing soak and it's got a delicious combo of mud and honey. 
Here Fizzbanger is dissolving and it's described as a toffee-apple for your bath: Perfect for the young and the young at heart. It's so refreshing and soothing and it took forever to dissolve.
I also can't go by a Lorna Jane store without going in because they have so much beautiful active wear.
This time I picked up a couple of inspirational tanks. I like them because they are so comfortable, the quotes are great and they are really good quality.
I also bought four mini cupcakes from Cupcake Central as a little shopping snack. They were so good. I had strawberry mint, choc malt milkshake, half baked cookie dough (totally the best) and coffee nut.

What have you bought lately?

Xx I


  1. I love Lorna Jane! I have one (rather old ) tank now and I recently wanted to buy more but I don't have a store near me so I have to go on the website which I don't always like because I want to make sure it fits me well (especially for the price)! I like how you think Baths = Lush Bath Bombs! I can't wait for my ensuite to be done so I can have a bath too ! x

    1. Me too:) I adore LJ. Hopefully you have time to stop by their store when you're in the city next. The inspirational tanks are great, I usually use XS but in them I have the size S just so they're extra comfy and they're a little longer on me too.

      Yes I love my Lush bath bombs. I am sure it will be great to have the ensuite done too:)

  2. You were here and didn't tell me?! I feel so unloved, lol!

    I love everything you bought, love a bit of sneaky shopping as it doesn't count when you're travelling! ;)

    I also love the Lush goodies, I've done the same when I've unexpectedly found a bath in my hotel room!

    1. Haha, I'm so sorry! I was really busy and it was mainly for work. Next time, I promise:)

      Exactly and I could have bought a lot more but I didn't really have the time or the room in my bag.

      Lush is the best:) x


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