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I remember driving home from uni with my friends in Emily's car singing along to I Kissed A Girl five years ago and ever since I've liked Katy Perry. Her music is great for exercise, parties and yes car singing too. She's a hair model for ghd and she's a fragrance star. I've seen her movie Part of Me three times and it's great to see how her success came about, how she managed to perform after doing the really ugly cry and how her grandma is part of team Kitty Purry. The only thing we disagree on is her love of cats because I'm a dog person but that's okay.
I used to be against celebrity fragrances because I didn't see the point of them but I've come around to them now thanks to Katy (and One Direction but that's another story). Killer Queen is a killer scent and she has done a great job putting it all together. The design of the box is all red and regal which I love. It's all about owning the throne and being a powerful woman.
The bottle design is unusual but it works. I am sure it could be used as some kind of weapon. I like how the gold and red works together and it's essentially a small royal spear. It certainly stands out against my  other fragrances. Killer Queen is an EDP which means that the scent will linger for longer and you can apply less for the same effect.
My first impression of Killer Queen was that it reminded me of Naomi Campbell's signature fragrance which I got for Christmas some ten years ago. They are both quite heavy but what lifts the scent of Killer Queen up is the use of top notes like Dark Plum, Bergamot and Wild Berries. Once they go more subtle, the middle notes of Rainbow Plumeria, Natural Jasmine Sambac and Red Velvet Flower appear. All this is based on the bottom notes of Cashmeran, Liquid Praline and Natural Patchouli Heart. It is a beautiful mix and I have been wearing it a lot lately. It's also got the boyfriend seal of approval which is always a bonus.
On another note, I can't get over how hot Katy Perry looks in her Roar music video. Not only is the song great, but I love her natural look in Roar and it's totally mesmerizing. 
I have been emulating her look of little foundation, a hint of blush and a nude eye look and it's so easy to do. It also looks really good and for night time I've just been adding a bright lippy and a swipe of bronzer. The whole Tarzan and Jane get up is optional and I've been giving it a miss. Can you believe it?
I know we're used to see Katy covered in glitter, fireworks and cupcakes but I like seeing her neutral as well.
Killer Queen can be bought at My Beauty Spot, Myer and Priceline and the prices are $39 for 30ml, $49 for 50ml and $69 for 100ml which is really affordable for a quality fragrance.

Have you tried Killer Queen yet? Thoughts on celeb fragrances?

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This product was kindly gifted to me for consideration. It has not affected my opinion. Please see my disclosure policy here.

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  1. I picked this up at Priceline on the 40% off love KP :) However I was not a huge fan of her first one only because of the bottle.


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