The First Swim of the Season + a Neutrogena Beach Defence SPF50 Review

The weather in Sydney has been hot, hot, hot lately. It's delicious! I've been a little cautious of dipping my toes into the big blue yet, because even though I grew up in a cold city above the arctic circle, I do prefer swimming in warm water, like any other human on the planet. When I was younger I could easily jump into a 15 degree ocean without any hesitation, because the air temperature would be around 15-16 degrees and that makes the water feel warmer. It makes perfect sense, don't you think? My brother is a cool guy and he has been known to go for a swim when the water is below eight degrees. Insanity yes, but it looks like good fun.

My one weapon when it comes to going to the beach is my sun protection army from Neutrogena. I have been using their stuff for years and love taking their spray on sun screen to the beach because I am to lazy for the lotion. I also need a quick fix and if I'm by myself it's less of a logistical problem to get my back done. I was therfore thrilled to learn that a new Beach Defence range had been released with SPF50 and in pretty yellow packaging. So far so good!
My chevron bikini is from H&M & the beach dress is from Mambo.
There are two versions when it comes to Beach Defence, the water + sun barrier spray and the water + sun barrier lotion. I like having both in my beach bag because the lotion is great to use on my hands and decolletage, and it's also suitable for travelling with hand luggage only since aerosol cans have been banned at Aussie domestic airports. The spray and the lotion both offer four hours of water protection, they are oil and paraben free and they have the Helioplex technology like other Neutrogena sunscreens do. They also protect against harmful UVA (the ageing rays) + UVB (the burning rays). 

Even though the new sunscreens have been released with SPF50, it doesn't mean that you're getting almost twice as strong and long protection from the sun. Yes, the level of protection is slightly higher, but vigilant re-application is still important after a swim or a run, and throughout the day. I apply sunscreen every day because it's the most valuable and easy anti-ageing tool out there, but I still make sure to get my Vitamin D's by going for a walk in the morning just as the sun is waking up. 
I mentioned before that I love the packaging of the Beach Defence range. One of my favourtie things is that the cap on the barrier spray is a twist and turn, it's not removable like the can of UltraSheer Body Mist SPF 30+ used to have. This means that I'm highly unlikely to lose the cap like I usually do. Both the lotion and the spray have a delicious scent and they smell nothing like what sunscreen usually smells like. This is indeed a good thing. The Beach Defence warriors are available at all good pharmacies and grocery stores and retail for $16.99 each. 
On my recent trip to the beach I was tempted to go into the water because it was looking so calm and clear (with the exception of a ton of seaweed that had drifted into shore). I spotted a gap in the seaweed and dipped my toes in. It felt cold, but so good. I went further and further until I was at the point of no return. I usually count to three before I start swimming, but this time the count went up to five.
Once I went for it I was happy I did it, but it was still pretty cold. The air was nearly thirty degrees and the water was 18 so that explains the chill factor. After floating around in the sea for what felt like forever, but more likely ten minutes, I was done and ready to get back onto the safe haven that was my towel.
The day was pure perfection. I hope the good weather will last!
With the October Issue of Vogue there is a special pink Vogue Nail Polish from
Mecca Cosmetica as a GWP. It's a beautiful colour!
I love reading magazines and I love the beach so combining the two always make me happy. Whilst I was drying off I got the latest visuals from Vogue and Cara Delevigne is indeed Miss Cool.

Are you a beach bunny? What's your favourite sunscreen?

Xx I

The Neutrogena products were kindly gifted to me for consideration. It has not affected my opinion, as this is a brand I purchase regularly. Please see my disclosure policy here.


  1. Hmmm...interesting. They seem like great products to try out. I will def keep these products in mind. I will use them when we go to the beach and see how it will work with my skin.

    1. They are so good and super easy to use:) I don't go anywhere without them. Good luck J x

  2. That's great Ingrid! I can't go in the water when it's too cold! I love your red beach dress!

    1. Thank you Rita. I don't blame you:)

      I'm about to try another swim today, looking forward to it X

  3. Yay to SPF. I am a massive SPF lover :)

    Luc xx

  4. Wow all your photos look amazing, feels great but also weird to see such photos when outside it is pouring with rain :)


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