My Latest Nail Polish Adventures Featuring Hello Darling & OPI

The good old nail polish is one of the easiest way to keep up with the latest trends, but also such a quick way to feel more glamorous as well. I have loved nail polish since I was 12 and remember going with my girlfriends to buy more and more colours. We needed all the colours, and our choice of polish was a cheap no-name $2 brand. Whilst we never quite got every colour, my latest Hello Darling Haul features nearly all of my favourite shades.
I love a good red, a bright pink and a perfect navy, but I also find myself throwing in glossy blues and metallics as well from time to time. It's fun going from over the top nail art to a basic nude shade and the transformation takes less than ten minutes. I know it can feel like a chore to polish your nails but I often do it in front of the TV and that way I have plenty of time for the nails to dry too.  Removing nail polish doesn't take long either, unless you have a glittery shade like below. A little more effort is needed but it's totally worth it.

I recently wore the compliment-magnet that is Mrs Reynolds (which currently is on sale for $12.95). It's an on-trend ode to ex-gossip girl Blake Lively, and the rose gold is pure perfection. I am not a big fan of rose gold jewellery but I find it to be incredibly flattering on the digits. It's warm, it's cozy and very complimentary to any outfit and accessories.
I then moved onto Dreamboat from Hello Darling which I haven't bought, but I found it as a fluke at the nail salon yesterday. I have never seen any Darling polishes there before so I am curious as to who left their bottle behind but I thought I'd make the most of it. Dreamboat is a sassy blue, a cousin of mint and duck egg blue and it looks great with anything. It's light enough to be summery, but still sweet enough to be pastel. The opaque finish is perfection.
I went super bright on my toes - Kiss Me on My Tulips which is from OPI's Holland Collection. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers, pink is one of my favourite colours and I love having bright toes in summer. It was meant to be.
After our nail session my darling friend and I went for big French coffees and crepes. Hers was smoked salmon with poached eggs and mine was nutella with banana and strawberries. Indeed, I do have the taste buds of a two-year old.

Have a great Thursday!

Xx I


  1. I absolutely love that Dreamboat colour! Perfect for spring/summer. My favourite nail polish (a new discovery for me) brand at the moment is Kester Black xo Jess

    Your Daily Break

    1. Me too! Everytime I look at my nails I nod in approval - it's a great shade.

      I haven't heard about Kester Black before but I will check it out now:) xx

  2. These polishes are stunning, I will have to check out the brand! I especially love Mrs Reynolds :)

    1. I know! Such beautiful shades:)

      Mrs Reynolds is the bomb diggity x


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