Bio Sculpture - Everything You Need to Know About the Removal Process

I recently had a Bio Sculpture Gel Mani, and although it's recommended to have it on for about two weeks, mine lasted an impressive 31 days! The reason I had my Bio Sculpture on for that long was a combination of how much I loved the design and finding the time to make the appointment to have the mani removed. One of the most frequent questions I got about my mani was about the removal process so I thought I should share all the details.

One of the big reasons you should change up the Bio Sculpure after two weeks is the re-growth issue. This was quite prominent on my nails since they had been left to grow freely thanks to beeing protected by the beautiful designs that I was rocking for a month. My nails tend to split after a while, but I didn't have that issue whilst having the Bio Sculpture mani. Other things that can have helped this is the GLOW Inner Beauty Powder + the Swisse Hair Skin Nails vitamins I've been taking.
The overall condition of my mani was really good, but I was noticing that at the base of the nails there was some minor splitting. Most of it actually happened on the morning of the Bio Sculpture Removal day because I was doing tough manual labour at work and it wasn't very nail friendly. Had I taken these photos the day before the nails would have looked even better.
The cost of the removal process varies from salon to salon. Most of the Bio Sculpture nail technicians I've spoken with do the removal for free before your next treatment which is a big bonus, but I imagine there would be a charge if you don't want your Bio Sculpture re-applied. I was fortunate enough to be invited back to Bio Sculpture HQ and the lovely Megan (who's wearing Grace on her digits) did my treatment. 
The treatment started with breaking off the seal of the top of the nails. The equipment was sterilised in front of me just like last time and anti-fungal lotion was also applied to protect the nails from infection.
After the seal had been broken on my right hand, Cuticle Cream was applied to the base of my nails. This Cuticle Cream is the business, and two weeks after the removal process there are my cuticles are still looking really healthy.
Then an acetone-dipped piece of cotton was placed on top of the nail and aliminium foil was folded around it. What I noticed was that the piece of cotton is just big enough to cover the nail which means that there is less acetone floating around. Bio Sculpture also infuses their acetone with essential oils to make it gentler on the nails. These are both good things, but I still prefer to use non-acetone nail polish remover at home.
After my right hand had been foiled up, it was my left hand's turn. Once that was done, Megan turned her attention back on what was hiding beneath the original foil wraps. I was impressed to see that most of the manicure came off quite easily and the residue was gently removed with no damage to my nails.
After the removal had been done, the beautiful Cuticle Conditioner was applied which has jojoba beads, lavender extract and tea tree oil to heal and moisturise the nails. I still apply it once a day and I like to add it on after hand cream to ensure extra nurturing for my nails. It also has a lovely scent so it's office-friendly. The Cuticle Oil was then applied and it's got almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil + Vitamin E so it's really rich and hydrating. A light buff was done of my nails and I was left to admire the result.
I could not believe how good my nails looked after a month of Bio Sculture. They had been protected, but were still healthy enough to grow strong and there was no traces of discolouring either.
Two weeks after the treatment my nails are still healthy and strong, and they've grown even longer. I did have one nail split but I am still very impressed by the ongoing success of the other nine nails. I know now why people go back to Bio Sculpture again and again, because it truly doesn't damage the nails and there are so many cute designs and colour combinations that can be arranged.
The removal process takes about 30-35 minutes and it felt very relaxing. It's not painful and it's a nice break from a busy day. I know it is longer than your average nail polish removal, but Bio Sculpture is truly worth it.

Have you tried Bio Sculpture? Do you have a secret for long nails?

Xx I

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