Review: Luminesce Essential Body Renewal

One thing that is important to me is making time for body lotion or body oil twice a day. Sometimes I can only summon the energy to do it once, but usually I get it done morning and night. It has several effects on me. First of all, it's something I'm doing for myself that's good for my body and that's an important priority. Secondly, my skin feels and looks healthier. Thirdly, a body lotion can be such a treat, especially when they are as smart as the Essential Body Renewal from Luminesce.
Luminesce's Essential Body Renewal is an extremely hydrating body moisturiser, and it acts really quickly. It's goal is to boost the skin's collagen production to prevent premature ageing from occurring. It's very gentle, does not clog pores and leave my skin super soft. The hydration lasts all day, the formula contains no silicone and it's not greasy at all. It does a great job of ticking all the boxes.

I find it really hard to explain the scent but it's pleasant and has a touch of dark floral about it (think along the lines of Opium blooms). The packaging is also brilliant. The cap twists to release body lotion, and when you close it, there are no leaks. Thanks to this I've given the Essential Body Renewal cult travel and gym bag status. It's so clever, and leaves no mess like some gluggier body lotions can do. 
As for the ingredient list, it's pretty lengthy. Key ingredients include Apple, Lentil and Watermelon Extracts (to lock in hydration), Superoxide Dismutase (which protects cells from free radical damage), Passion Fruit Extract (has high vitamin C levels and improves skin elasticity), LUMINESCETM Rejuvenation Factor Complex (helps restore skin's natural protein levels), Black Elderberry Extract (which soothes and softens the skin), Cucumber Fruit Extract (no guessing for this one, it increases the water content in the top layers of the skin) and lucky last is the Niacinamide (which enhances the skin's protective barrier and increases the skin's production of fatty acids and ceramides).

The ingredients are a mix of natural fruit extracts and more clever bees like the SOD and the LUMINESCETM which are both special and patended Luminesce discoveries. With these forces combined they are an anti-oxidant time machine which works hard to reverse the ageing process.
I like using the Luminesce Essential Body Renewal because it increases the skin's cell renewal, leaves it vibrant and soft. Because I've spent a lot of time in the sun, I can tell that I have some sun damage which presents as small freckles on my skin. I also have a couple of pigmentation marks (I call them my natural tattoos) that I know this body lotion can fix. My skin also feels very hydrated straight after application and I find that it's such a beautiful treat morning and night. We often think of treats as being lollies and chocolate, but they can also be simple things you do for yourself and your body every day.  One of the things I do is hydrate my body on the inside with green smoothies and lots of water, and on the outside with body lotions and creams.

The only downside to the beautiful Essential Body Renewal is the price. At $48.35 it's more exxy than most body lotions, but it's a product that works really hard, would get an A+ in Science class for its results and you don't need to use a lot of product to see the results. One bottle of this can last for six-eight weeks which makes it a little more economical. In comparison, it's cheaper than a takeaway order for two and a lot healthier too.

Have you heard of Luminesce before? How often do you hydrate your body?

Xx I

This product was kindly gifted to me for consideration. It has not affected my opinion. Please see my disclosure policy here.


  1. This sounds so lovely, but I agree, it is a little pricey!! I was offered to trial some of their products a few months ago, but had to turn it down due being pregnant and some of the ingredients used in the products, but hopefully one day I'll get the chance!

    1. It is such a lovely treat!

      Hopefully when the bubba comes a long you can see how gorgeous the lotion is xxx

  2. I have never heard of Luminesce before. Definitely think it's something you should buy when you feel like something special! We all have those days right? :) I've had a cleanser with this packaging before and absolutely loved the convenience of it. Will definitely keep a look out for this brand now xo

    Your Daily Break

    1. Exactly. Some days are treat days for sure! The convenience is absolutely brilliant:) xx


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