Review: Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

A while ago I went to a fantastic Jurlique Launch Event and today I'm pleased to be able to tell you about the exciting product that was unveiled. The Herbal Recovery Range was first released in 1993 and has since grown to include oils, neck serums and more.  The 2013 version of Herbal Recovery will be released on 26th August 12th August and is the Advanced Serum Youth Defence Active Gel Concentrate. 

If you hop on over to the Jurlique Facebook page you can plant a promise in Jurlique's biodynamic+ farm and you will also be in the running to win a $3000 Tiffany & Co voucher. It's all in the spirit of getting people to join in the natural revolution for radiant skin. After you've picked which promise you want to plant, you then get to choose which ingredient you'd like to grow from your promise. I picked Viola because it soothes and it's also one of my favourite flowers (although we call it the step-mum bloom in Norway).
The new Herbal Recovery Power Trio includes the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum ($165 for 100ml or $75 for 30ml), the Herbal Recovery Night Cream ($60 for 50ml) and the Herbal Recovery Eye Cream ($52 for 15ml). The goal of this trio is to combat the first signs of ageing to reveal radiant and healthy skin. 
Jurlique is all about natural beauty and all the plants, herbs and flowers are grown at their biodynamic Adelaide Hills farm. Trust is put into nature and no parabens, PEGs, formaldehyde, artificial fragrances or artificial colours are used.
The packaging of the new Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum is simply gorgeous. It still has the recognisable Jurlique bottle shape, but it has a more translucent and pearl-shimmery exterior. It screams luxury, whilst still being minimal and clean.
The Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum is beautiful to use. I apply two pumps morning and night to my face and decolletage and have noticed a visible improvement of the clarity in my skin, I feel more radiant and the texture has improved dramatically. I also feel like it is smoother and healthier and I haven't even had to put in any effort to achieve such results. What's so great about a serum like this is that it will work extra hard at night to get your skin renewed and the collagen production is also accelerated. During the day the Advanced Serum gives you a fantastic glow and my sensitive skin has not had any reaction to the formula in the serum. I also think the fragrance is really pleasant.
In the Advanced Serum you'll find 15 Bio-Intrinsic Botanicals that work together to create effective youth defending extracts: Licorice to brighten and soften, Chickweed to restore hydration, Chamomille to hydrate and calm, Lavender to hydrate and refresh, Rosemary which has potent antioxidant properties, Viola and Calendula for soothing qualities, Black Elder for antioxidnt and brightening properties, Marshmallow (!) for intense hydration, Dandelion which is rich in vitamins and minerals, Daisy, Spilanthes and Echinacea for potent astringent properties, Peppermint which soothes and cools the skin and Rose to soften, balance and restore.

The Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum also has three breakthrough ingredients. The Persian Silk Tree helps shielding against environmental stress by strengthening the skin cell capacity, the Whu-Zhu-Yu has excellent microcirculation boosting and skin smoothing properties and the Peach Leaf promotes cellular regeneration and helps recover skin vitality. Together the Naturadiance PB18+ complext (also known as nature fused with radiance) create the source of the glow in the serum. I noticed the difference on my skin very quickly after I started using the Advanced Serum and think Jurlique has done a fantastic job in creating a natural but effective serum.

The natural revolution has begun!

Are you a natural beauty fan? Have you tried Jurlique before?

Xx I

I was kindly gifted a bottle of the Advanced Serum at the Jurlique launch. It has not affected my opinion. Click here for my disclosure policy.


  1. I have tried the original Herbal Recovery Gel and LOVED it.. must try this one! xx

    1. Oh Jasmine you will love it. The serum is absolutely beautiful and so nurturing xxx

  2. I bought it today but will try later tonight. I hope it's going to be a fantastic serum.

    1. Cool! Good luck with it. It's such a nice treat at the end of the night xxx

  3. Lovely flower essence, they look amazing.
    Lovely blog.


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