One Direction launches the Our Moment Fragrance

Earlier in the week I heard that there were girls in London camping outside Harrods in anticipation of the One Direction fragrance launch on Monday 26th August. I found it a little hard to believe, but as with all One Direction/Gaga/Bieber hysteria, I guess it's just a sign of the times.

On Thursday night I found myself at the Australian Our Moment launch and it was a great night. I have to confess that I only know the names of two of the boys (Harry and Zayn) so I can't be counted as a true fan, but I admit I am intrigued by the amazing popularity One Direction has accrued.
The launch was held at Sydney Tower and the location is absolutely magnificent. The view was gorgeous, the room was beautifully decorated and the vibe was great.
The perfume itself has been a year in the making and the design was carefully thought out by the boys. They wanted it to be multi-faceted to show off their individuality, the crown represents their British heritage and the pink tulle hints at the floral notes in the scent. It's very girly, playful and pretty.
The 1D boys have said that Our Moment is inspired by their fans and also dedicated to them. It reflects the essence of One Direction and it's what they're looking for in a girl.
The gorgeous glamazon Kate Peck from MTV was hosting the night and in between watching 1D behind the scenes videos and the top-secret Our Moment ad we were told more about the fragrance and the idea behind it by Liz from Myer and Pat from Brandpoint. After seeing the behind the scenes from the perfume ad I was totally won over. The boys are really cute, have fun together and don't shy away from smelly feet.

This is going to be a co-exclusive global launch with Harrods in the UK and Myer in Australia launching it on 26th August. From 3rd October it will be available from other Australian retailers too. It's a major coup for Australia to be one of the two first countries to have Our Moment on the shelves.
Our Moment will be available in three sizes; 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. The price range is $49-$79 and there will be gift sets available too. What makes it so affordable is that this is an eau de parfum fragrance, it's not just eau de toilette.

If you are unsure of the parfum/toilette difference, the main one is that eau de toilette is refreshing when first applied, but it can evaporate quickly. Eau de parfum on the other hand will last longer because if the top notes evaporate, the middle notes will still be apparent. There is also a higher concentration of oils in the scent.
I think that Our Moment is a really pretty fragrance that will appeal to many, especially the tweenagers and teenagers. I know what will be under the tree come Christmas time for many girls.
The scent is sparkling, juicy and feminine and my first whiff felt more like cotton candy than anything else. After a while I noticed the top notes of pink grapefruit, wild berries and red currants. Its Mid notes are jasmine petals, fresh freesia and frangipani. The dry notes are creamy musk, sheer woods and white patchouli. Basically the 1D boys have combined their favourite things and turned it into a memorable scent.
It was fun to hang out with the guys although they didn't really have much to say.
The view was spectacular. Sydney Tower is over 300m tall and it's the tallest building in Sydney. It's panorama perfection.
In our goodie bags we got an Our Moment cupcake which was almost too pretty to eat.
The special Our Moment 50ml eau de parfum which is boxed in a perfect pink box.
Lucky last, an Our Moment poster with the 1D boys as well. It's all very pretty!
From Monday Myer will be having a competition where a special code inside each Our Moment box can be entered on their website and five lucky people will win passes to a sound check with One Direction before one of their 22 concerts later in the year. 

Who is your favourite from One Direction? Do you like the design of Our Moment?

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  1. Oooh good price points - making it affordable for the younger girls...or their parents for presents. I foresee getting one (or two) for my girls who are huge fans of 1D. I doubt they know about this yet...but oh they will!

    1. Yes the price point is excellent. Your girls will love it and they can share:) I'm sure they'll be squeeling when they get their hands on it...=) They are definitely in the target market X

  2. Um, I don't have a 1D favourite, haha, I barely know their names!

    I was a bit sceptical about this perfume (simply because of the 1D hysteria), but your description sounds like it might be right up my alley! I shall make my way to a Myer to sniff it out. :)

    Sounds like you had a lovely time and you looked absolutely stunning!


    1. I think Harry is prettiest so that's why I know his name:)

      I know, I'm sceptical to most celebrity fragrances but this one is different. It's sweet but not overwhelming and they've done well with the different notes they've used.

      Thank you gorgeous X

  3. Hmmm....interesting. Love the packaging and I am def curious on its scent. I love collecting perfumes and I wanna get samples of it. It might be included in my collection if it suits my taste.

    1. The packaging is super cute, don't you think?:)

      There will be some gift packs released closer to Christmas so you can take the plunge then, it's going to be amazing x


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