My Amazing Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure

Last Thursday I was invited to the Bio Sculpture Gel Show Room and got the chance to experience a manicure as well. If you haven't hear about Bio Sculpture before, let me tell you a little about it. In 1988 it was established in South Africa, and since then it's gone global and more than 180 shades are available in 40 countries. It's been a pioneer in the nail market in terms of gel systems, nail art, colour gel and the removal of gel. It's a truly exciting brand.
Jackie, the wonderful Nail Technichian I was lucky to have, was super friendly and very talented. She has worked with Bio Sculpture Gel for ten years and now works in training people to become Bio Sculpture Technichians. This is one of the key differences with regards to Bio Sculpture, compared to other brands like Shellac and OPI Gel Colour which I've previously tried.

In order for a salon to be able to offer Bio Sculpture as a product, the beauty therapists have to have had the Bio Sculpture Gel training. It's a great advantage because when you have a Bio Sculpture Gel manicure, you know that your nail technician has been properly trained, that the equipment is properly sterilised before use and that your nails will receive the proper care whilst being attended to. There are over 4000 Bio Sculpture salons in Australia and if you want to find your local salon, you can either go on the website and enter your post code or you can call 1300 BIO GEL (1300 246 435) for more information.
New Gel collections are released every year and the Hollywood Collection is being released for Spring/Summer 13. The colours are beautiful and named after all the big Hollywood icons. Another key difference with Bio Sculpture is that they have several different base coats and top coats which are chosen by the Nail Technichian to best suit your nails. The gels are also free from harsh chemicals that I like to avoid; acrylics, toluene, formaldehyde and camphor. This makes Bio Sculpture a better alternative for your nails and they won't dry out like they can do with OPI Gel or Shellac.
It was really hard to pick a colour or two from the new Hollywood Collection so Jackie told me I didn't have to choose from the three colours I wanted the most, we could use them all. I was also the lucky first to test-drive these shades.
My nails are really strong and healthy at the moment (thanks to Swisse's Ultimate Skin Hair Nails tablets), but my left thumb nail had split on the top because I had been peeling off a label a little to hard. As a result Jackie built me a nail corner out of silk which made the nail shape look just as good as the right one, and no one would have a clue that I have a piece of silk on my thumb. Such a cool science!
Previously each Bio Sculpture Gel coat needed a 90 second curing time, but now it has been reduced to 30 seconds per coat which is super quick. As a result, I noticed that Jackie would apply colour to two nails on one hand at the time, cure it and in the mean time do the same on the other hand. This was great because it reduces the time of the appointment.
Here we are in the show room. One of my favourite things about the appointment was that Jackie would clean each piece of equipment before using it on my nails. It's something I've never seen a technician do before and it was so nice to see that the equipment was nice and clean before it was used. Again, this comes down to the unique Bio Sculpture training each technician undertakes. I really like the consistency of it and that you will always know what you get from the nail technician.
This is how good Bette, Jackie and Brigitte looked after just one coat. Pastel heaven!
After two coats Jackie did some outstanding nail art on my talons. I'm still in awe of the result. I also think the three shades worked really well together. Another benefit from Bio Sculpture Gel is that it's like a full nail treatment, which ensures your nails are protected, nurtured and hydrated both during the application, but also whilst you have the Gel on your nails. As a result nails are often healthier after a round of Bio Sculpture Gel. 
On my left hand Jackie did a mix of stripes, dots and random wishbone art. J'adore!
On my right hand Jackie did the same, but also included a gorgeous heart on the middle finger. Double the J'adore!
On my thumbs there is a simple stripe. One base coat is yellow and one is pink. The corner that was built is also perfection.
In terms of after care I have made sure to increase my hand cream application to ensure my nails and hands are properly hydrated. I haven't needed to use these gorgeous NBCF nail files yet but I keep them in my handbag just in case.
I also use these Bio Sculpture Gel goodies. The Cuticle Cream is great for extra hydration, the Cuticle remover gently takes away any annoying cuticles, and the Cuticle Conditioner (my favourite) is there for added hydration and the blue jojoba moisture beeds pops upon application and does a great job of keeping those cuticles very healthy.
For proof, check out how good my nails are looking after eight days with Bio Sculpture Gel. You can notice a slight re-growth at the base of the nails (since they're so healthy), but there is no colour change or chips.
The same can be said for my right hand. I am really happy with the longevity of it all. The durable finish can last up to three weeks on the nails and up to six weeks on the feet. In terms of pricing I've done a call-around to my local salons and the price range is arounf $45-$70 depending on special offers and where you go. It is definitely more expensive than the regular Shellac, but your nails are left free, flexible and healthier and it's a much better result.
I love the result of my Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure, and I also like that any design can be done on your nails be it regular French Manicure, a block colour or nail art like I have done. An appointment takes about an hour and it's the perfect pampering time when your week feels a little too busy.

Have you tried Bio Sculpture Gel before? Do you prefer regular nail polish or a gel system? 

PS - I will do a follow up post about the removal process when it happens. 

This experience was kindly gifted to me in accorance with my disclosure policy. It has not affected my opinion at all. 


  1. I love the design you got, it is so cute :)

  2. Great post! I love all the detail you gave us. I love the idea of these, but for me it's about the removal. I just don't have the time to go in and get them done and redone often. I was thinking of getting an at home kit, so then I can do it at night when my daughter is asleep.

    1. Thanks Amy! I know, it all comes down to the removal. Will let you know how it goes next week xx

  3. Oh gosh, your nails look amazing! I find using regular nail polish allows me to change my mind during the week if I get sick of the colour, but this definitely looks interesting xo

    1. Thanks lovely! I know, it's nice to be able to change it up, but it's also very convenient to not have to think about it at all. :) xx

  4. Ooo I do love a good manicure. This looks brilliant!

    Luc xx

    1. You would love this Lucy! :) If you could narrow down your colour choice, which is really hard! xx

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Ali! They mean so much to me that I feel naked without them. Four are from Pandora and one is from a different jeweller. :) xx

  6. I love gel polish kit when I have the opportunity to read blogs as interesting as this. Really thanks. I’m going to have to try that. :)

    - Cindy


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