Mindful Sunday: The Kikki K Happiness Workshop

Welcome to a new kind of post here at IGB. It's all about being mindful, taking a timeout and simply slowing down. Life is moving so fast now and I think it's important to be more mindful, having time for yourself and doing something you want to do for as little as ten minutes a day. It could be some crazy dancing, pulling off some head stands or reading a glossy magazine. Each Sunday I will be sharing simple mindful ideas and it's all meant to inspire you (and me), and to remind you that life is pretty darn good! 

On Thursday night I attended the Kikki K Happiness Workshop. It was truly inspiring and I am so glad I made the time to go. It costs $40 to attend, it goes for about an hour (ours was 75 minutes) and you also get a 10% discount on products in the store afterwards. In the workshop we were given the amazing Happiness Journal (RRP $39.95, but on sale at the moment for $31.96). The focus of the workshop is on celebrating what makes you happy, but also ways in which you can get more happiness in your daily life. 

We discussed how we personally can affect our happiness, how we can change our outlook on situations that initially may be perceived as negative, and the importance of making time for little happiness boosts throughout the day. We live from holiday to holiday, weekend to weekend and forget about making the every day life more special. It can be simple things like a walk in the sun, a sneaky kiss or that longed for glass of red wine at the end of the day. Everything counts, and it doesn't have to be big. The importance is that you recognise these occurrences and how they affect your happiness.

The Happiness Journal has a few questions about happiness in the beginning, and then it's divided in twelve sections which you can do over twelve months or twelve weeks. The timeline is completely up to you, but Kikki K recommends one month per topic to give you the chance to be thorough and get the most benefit from it. Some of the topics include career, dreams, health and gratitude. As an added help you can also check out the Collaborative Happiness Project which is filled with inspiring content and weekly prompts to assist you with the Happiness process.

I like sitting down with the Happiness Journal throughout the day with a cup of tea or hot water and lemon and just letting the pen flow. Relaxing music like Angus & Julia Stone also helps, but sometimes I just want a little piece and quiet for ten minutes.  

A part of the Collaboration, monthly screensavers are available for download. In August the focus is career and I have already downloaded mine to my laptop and my phone. It's great to have a reminder of  such a simple quote, but I also like that I have to keep my desktop clean in order to keep the esthetique of the piece.
I'm also working on my Gratitude Journal and really enjoying the process of finding three things daily that I am grateful for. Some days have smaller achievements than others but there are always three things that stand out at the end of the day. It also reminds me of all the reasons I have to be happy! Below you'll find a few of my recent ones.

Yesterday I bought these beautiful flowers for myself, just because. When I came home with them my boyfriend said that it should be his job to buy me flowers. I thought that was really sweet, but I am in charge of my happiness and today this was all I needed.
Earlier in the week my girlfriend and I made delicious pumpkin soup from a pumpkin she got from her grandma's neighbour. First of all, the pumpkin gifting is really sweet, and secondly fresh vegetables taste so much better!
I am super-happy with my new CC Skye bracelet from the Final Scene. It's a statement piece that I can wear on its own, but it's also perfect to create a nice arm party.
Beautiful days by the beach. The weather is so nice at the moment and I have to pinch myself to remind me that it is still winter. I am used to snow, minus degrees and no sun so this is quite the change.
Other things that have made me happy this week include singing in the car, having an unexpected day off work, eating the most delicious kalamata olive and rosemary bread, having fun date nights with my boyfriend and exploding with laughter at a scene from the Office, which is my favourite TV show at the moment.

What has made you happy this week? Do you agree that we are in charge of our own happiness?

Xx I


  1. "Do what makes you happy' is a mantra I keep saying to myself, and others. Life gets so busy and we forget the most important person - ourselves. xx

    1. This is so true Chels! It can be so hard to prioritise yourself but it's so important x

  2. I love this. I think I need this. It is so nice to hear about the positive rather than the negative. <3

    1. Thank you Dustyn. You would be amazed what a difference it makes! x

  3. Thanks for sharing Ingrid. We're so glad to hear you loved the Happiness Workshop and that you're finding the Happiness Journal inspiring. Happiness is such a unique concept and we're so passionate about taking the time to recognise the beauty in all things. Expressing gratitude is such a wonderful way of doing so. Enjoy your happiness journey - we'd love to hear from you on the blog as part of The Collaborative Happiness Project. :)

    1. You're so welcome!

      My Happiness Journal is going really well, and I really enjoy being so inspired at the moment. It's so transformative!


  4. I totally agree that we are in charge of our own happiness. I always try my best to see the positive side of life, but sometimes I need to be reminded of things I am grateful for :)

    1. Exactly! We definitely are. Some days are harder than others but there is always something to be grateful for xxx


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