Lust Have It's Busy and Beautiful Discovery Night with Style Rocks, Inika and Mobinails.

Last Wednesday I went to Lust Have It's Busy and Beautiful Discovery Night which was held at the beautiful and intimate Velluto Champagne and Wine Bar in Potts Point. Lust Have It is one of the original beauty box companies and I was a subscriber from the very beginning. A beauty box with six samples (sometimes full sized products) is sent out every month and it costs $19.95, but the value in the box is usually around $60.

I did unsubscribe from LHI after nearly a year because I wanted to be able to use all the beautiful samples and products I had recevied in the mail and since then, I've been keeping track of the latest LHI boxes from my friend Made up Maiden's blog. Their August Box was an absolute cracker and I was sorry to have missed out. I have decided to sign up for the September box and I'm sure it'll be a good one! I was also intrigued to see that LHI now has four different boxes you can sign up to now; the FaB box, the Bridal Box, the Women's Box and the Eco Box.

The Eco Box probably intrigues me the most because it is something different, it's delivered quarterly, and you will receive a value of around $100 for the $29.95 the box costs. I also like that it's Eco friendly and will feature natural products, something I'm very interested in. The fact that it's a quarterly box is also excellent because then I will definitely have time to trial the beauty products before another one arrives.
As soon as I walked in delicious Frangelico, Lime & Soda cocktails were on offer but I had to say no and stick to sparkling water with lime since I was driving.
At the event different companies had stations to display their products and to share what they do. I first stopped at Style Rocks which is an amazing company. I spoke to the lovely Pascale who founded Style Rocks and she shared her vision behind creating a tool for women and men to design customisable quality jewellery online whilst still remaining affordable.

Regular readers of the blog will know that purple is my favourite colour so it was no surprise that I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous (and huge) Emerald Cut Amethyst Ring. Since you can customise how it looks on the designer page, you can choose if you want the band to be sterling silver, plated gold, real gold and so on. As you change the metal, emerald, cut and size the price changes instantly and the website is really easy to use. Best of all, shipping is free worldwide and it takes three weeks for your customised jewellery to arrive at your doorstep.
Style Rocks offers rings for men and women, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings and necklaces. The boxes they come in look like a little tux with the black bow on white. Super stylish!
Inika is another very interesting company that I've heard so much about but have never tried before. The Inika Story is truly inspirational and it was also very interesting to learn about Inika's community engagement too. The company is located in Wollongong, NSW and has won numerous awards over the years.

I always use Mineral Foundation so it was great to learn more about Inika. Half of their range is certified organic and the other half is 100% pure mineral makeup. Inika's products are also vegan and certified cruelty free. Their range is so beautiful, the colours are magnificent and the Kabuki brush is the softest one I've felt before. I wish I had bought it on the night because it was that good.
Another company present on the night was Mobinails and they will bring their manicure fairies to your office, party or other occasion for a very reasonable cost starting at $16.50 per person. It's convenient, they are talented manicurists and they use OPI polish which is one of my favourites. They are located in Darlinghurst, NSW and can come to any nail emergency very quickly. I didn't have my nails painted thanks to my Bio Sculpture Mani (which is still going strong), but the Mobinails station was very popular.

After we had mingled and beautified ourselves for 40 minutes, it was time for a very interesting Q&A panel which Greta, the CEO from Lust Have It hosted. It was truly inspiring learning from these amazing entrepreneurial women and it was great to see how something can start out of something small and grow into a big successful company that keeps growing. These companies are also on different timelines and it was intriguing to hear how something went from humble beginnings to international success.
I walked out with an extra spring in my step and had to add more career goals in my Kikki K Goals Journal that night. Here I am with Yasmin who is in charge of the new monthly Lustre Magazine from LHI, and Greta who is the CEO of Lust Have It. The July launch issue of Lustre is a cracker, and I'm not saying it just because it's got the same name of my favourite NARS Blush.
In the goodie bag we got a great Style Rocks brochure (it's truly too easy to design your own jewellery), a C-shaped nail file from Mobinails, and the recipe for those Frangelico, Lime & Sodas so that I can recreate them on a night I am not driving.
From Inika I received a beautiful vegan Shadow Brush and a certified organic Creme Eye Shadow in the shade Champagne. It is beautiful!
The look of the LHI boxes has changed since I was a subscriber, now the boxes are a paisley blue which looks really cool. It's a nice change from black.
In the box we received a sample of what a typical Lust Have It box can be and it was fun to see what was inside.
I've been wanting a good replacement for the famous Lucas Paw Paw Ointment for a long time. I don't use their Paw Paw because it contains petroleum and I have been looking for a natural version for a while. I was therefore thrilled to receive Nude by Nature's new Papaw Ointment which is just what I have been wanting.

EVO is another great brand I've liked for a long time and the therapist calming shampoo will be perfect to use before applying a hair treatment to my locks. I have to confess that I had to google what the Pink Tiger Gauze Wipes were for because I haven't used them before. They promise to be good to clean your nails before applying nail polish and also to soak and remove gel polish with. It's a clever idea and since they are lint free they are less messy than cotton pads can be.
My cloth mask addiction has been introduced to another brand, LanVitalite which has a 24-K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask. I can't wait to try it! Gold must be in fashion at the moment since my hair treatment a few weeks ago also contained some 24K.

There was also a ModelCo Fibre LashXtend Extreme Black Lengthening Mascara which has a handy mirror on the back for application. Lucky last was the Molton Brown Patchouli & Saffron Body Wash which brought me down memory lane. About five years ago the hotel I was working at stocked Molton & Brown as their amenities and I loved having a little sample here and there. Their body lotion is amazing so I'm excited to reconnect with some MB Patchouli & Saffron.
That's a wrap from LHI's Busy and Beautiful Discovery Night. It was a fun night where I learnt lots, got inspired and had a little much needed mid-week pampering. What more can you need?

PS. If you want more inspiration, check out their Pinterest boards. It is amazing!

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  1. This looks like fun fun fun :) Pity about being DD! xx

    1. It was a really good afternoon:) Always fun to learn new things and be inspired. If only I could have had a cocktail too x

  2. Sounded like a wonderful night! I was very keen on attending but sadly I already made plans.

    Louise | Vanity Corner

    1. It was really fun and would have been great to meet you. Hopefully next time X

  3. Sounds like an amazing night, I would have loved to go! It's a shame you couldn't enjoy the cocktails!

    1. Thank you Dawn:) I made up for the lack of cocktails on Thursday night at the 1D launch:) xx


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