A Day at the Races

On Saturday we went to the races and it was such a beautiful Sydney day. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and the wind was behaving too. It's the second time I've worn this Portmans dress, its first outing was at a very special wedding in April. I don't mind wearing dresses again and again, because the memories are so beautiful. I just think it's important to style a look differently if you are repeating dresses so that it doesn't get boring. Different shoes, different neck-candy and so on.

I recently finished the Norwegian Queen's biography (it was amazing) and she always re-uses her outfits. After she's worn a dress she writes on a little card about which event it was for, and then the next time she wears it she knows which royal outing it's been to before, whether it be a birthday, a wedding or an official trip. I love this idea and think it would definitely apply to us commoners as well, because it's so important to take care of the special memories we create together.
The beautiful headband is from Sportsgirl ($16.95), the peacock belt was bought at the markets in Bangkok, the clutch is from Popbasic's Salut Collection and the Raybans were a Christmas present from way back when. The stunning necklace and bracelet on the left hand are both Zodiac Collection from Samantha Wills (I'm Pisces). On the right hand is my usual white Hermes & Cecilie Melli bracelet which were very special gifts from very special people. I love wearing this combo because it reminds me of them.
Because I knew that I would be standing on grass for most of the day, and the races are never kind to ones feet, I decided to wear my trusty Wittner boots. I also paired them with zigzag stockings so that I wouldn't get cold when the sun went down. The trick worked and I didn't need to take my shoes off like so many other ladies who wore new shoes to the races with 5-inch stiletto heels, and I also didn't get cold. 
Outside the gates. So ready to get my winning action on! A follow up post with hair and makeup details will be up soon too.
I am a cautious better and usually never bet more than $5 on each race. I had a few wins, some losses and ended up with a profit of $5. Since I wasn't drinking alcohol at the races (I'm doing a cleanse at the moment), it ended up being quite a lucrative day.
The view from Royal Randwick was also terrific. The horses showed off in the foreground and the skyline was shining in the background. Perfection.

What did you do this weekend? Do you believe in the Zodiac? Policy on re-using dresses?

Xx I


  1. Love your outfit, you look fab!! Looks like you had a great day :) xx

    1. Thank you Donna! It was an amazing day xx

  2. Don't you look stunning, gorgeous?!

    I love the idea of recycling outfits, and especially when we do not have a millions at our disposal to continually buy more clothes! Especially love the queen's little card trick!

    1. Thank you honey!

      I know, it's the best. I love recycling outfits:) x

  3. Looking gorgeous Ingrid! Love the outfit!

  4. Loved the outfit Ingrid! I particularly loved the headband.. might have to hunt it down for myself :) Jealous of your beautiful sunny Sydney day! xo

    1. Thank you Jess! The headband would look good on anyone and they have it in many colours so jump in:) X


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