What I'm Loving Right Now...

I've hardly taken off my new scarf from Her Fashion Box since it landed in my mailbox. I love the contrast of hot pink and navy, and the size is fantastic. It's such a pretty accessory and I've already reduced the cost per wear to almost nothing. I'm also loving the shade Strong from Lush's Emotional Brilliance range. It's truly a brilliant colour with lots of longevity.
The above picture was taken when we were on our way to see the Great Gatsby. The movie has been pretty controversial and you either loved it or hated it. I have read the book and thought the movie was really good. Not one of my favourites but it was very enjoyable and the costumes and accessories are absolutely spectacular. Leo is also like a fine wine, he only gets better with age, although his spray tan was a tad on the orange side. It took me five seconds to get the soundtrack from iTunes when I came home from the movies. Jay-Z has done a spectacular job putting it all together and it's absolutely perfect. The deluxe version is definitely worth the extra dollars.
The weather in Sydney has been spectacular in the past few days and I've been making the most of it with some beautiful morning walks.  Life is so much better when the sun is shining, don't you think?
On Saturday night we went to a pub for a mate's birthday but also to "watch" the rugby. I think I glanced at it for five seconds before moving on. The sign below was hanging in the beer garden and I loved it. If it hadn't been so big and heavy I would have seriously considered bringing it home with me.
The rosehip oil antioxidant + from Trilogy is one of my absolute favourites and the oil is so rich and hydrating. I love using it as a lip treatment or as an eye serum. I am also thoroughly enjoying my new 1SkinSolution Strawberry Champagne Candle. The scent is beautiful and I can't get enough. I am already planning on ordering a second one because I don't want my current one to run out. 
I stayed up late on Sunday night and got up early Monday morning to finish Cecelia Ahern's One Hundred Names. Cecelia has such a wonderful way with words and if you've read P.S. I Love You, you'll know what I'm talking about. This book is full of wonderful stories but there are also some major challenges as well. 
After finishing my readathon I rang my local Ella Bache salon and booked in a much needed signature facial. It was so good to have my skin primped and preened! Because I'm always cold I was given a doona to make sure I was nice and warm. I was so comfortable I fell asleep and that's a good sign for a facial.
It's been a day and I'm still on cloud nine from my facial. Sometimes a little pampering is all you need.

What are you loving right now? Thoughts on Gatsby?

xx I


  1. I am so pleased you a loving the candle. I am planning to extend my candle range. Just sourcing some beautiful tins! You are looking so beautiful btw x

    1. I absolutely am. I don't want it to end but I am burning it all the time so it's time for another order. Looking forward to your next project xxx

  2. I LOVE that HFB scarf! It's stunning!

    I agree with Raylene, you are too gorgeous!

    I've put in my candle order too, so I can't wait to try out both the new scents!

    1. Thank you honey:)

      I got my candle order yesterday, so good! xxx

  3. absolutely love rosehip oil. definitely one of my skincare staples.. particularly during the winter time! xo

    Your Daily Break

    1. Me too, it's divine! It's so versatile too xxx

  4. I haven't saw The Great Gatsby but everyone I know who went to see it had only good comments about it.
    Your scarf is gorgeous!

    1. Yes I really liked it, but my boss hated it. Made for some interesting discussions:)

      Thank you lovely Rita xxx


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