The Rocks Aroma Festival

Last Sunday we went to the Aroma Festival in the Rocks with one of our favourite couples. The sun was shining, the Rocks was packed and we were ready to inhale some lovely aromas.
There were people everywhere! It was literally impossible to buy anything without standing in line. The Rocks Aroma Festival is very popular and always really fun, especially if you're a coffee lover/addict like me.
There were lots of cute handwritten signs and so many different stalls to get food and drinks from. I just have one tip for next year, make sure you have cash with you as the ATM queues were very long.
I started off light with three choc-dipped strawberries on a stick. Absolutely divine and so fresh.  They also matched my berrylicious nails perfectly.
Mike had his shoulder re-constructed in early June and finally the sling has come off. He is so happy about it and so am I! His recovery is going so great. Here I am sipping on a carrot, kale, lemon, apple and celery juice with mint. It was divine!
I never tire of the Opera House view.  The funny thing is that I was disappointed the first time I saw it because I thought it was too small. Now I can't imagine a more perfect building.
We also got to watch a very good bellydancer perform. She had all the right moves, great music and a fabulous jade green costume.
Last stop of the day was the Turkish Coffee stall. I was going to have one but chickened out when I saw how strong they were so I got my favourite Turkish Tea whilst Mike got the honours of trying the coffee. 
There was also Turkish Fairyfloss on display. Somehow it looks a little healthier than the sugar-spun variety I'm used to.  
My Turkish Tea was delicious and the perfect end to a great day. I didn't end up having any coffee at the Aroma Festival but there was so many other exciting things to try and I simply got distracted.
The outfit I wore was very comfortable whilst looking like a professional Aroma tester. 
Blazer from H&M // Top from Portmans // Jeans from River Island // Sandals from Natasha // MBMJ Petal to the Metal bag from Shopbop // Wayfarer Sunnies from Ray-Ban // Bracelet from Cecilie Melli // Make-a-Wish Necklace from Sass & Bide // Wind Machine courtesy of the weather man.

Have you been to the Aroma Festival before?

xx I


  1. It was a great day wasn't it! Thanks so much for the tip - glad I was in Sydney that weekend! I ate so much food while we were there!

    1. It sure was lovely! Glad Sydney was on her best behaviour:) Mike and I actually had a kebab there that was amazing. I usually only have kebabs after midnight so it was something new to have it for lunch...=)

  2. Awww looks like it was such a fun day :) And now I'm craving choc strawberries :) xx


    1. It was absolutely divine! So nice to spend time with friends in the sun, even in winter. It was warm and such a spectacular crowd:) xx


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