The Pure Fiji at Home Spa Experience

Being the busy bee that I am, I like to go all out when I get a chance to take some time out and relax. It feels so good to clear my head and settle in with a good book or a magazine which transports me to another world. I've told you before about my Pure Fiji Showroom Experience and I would be lying if I didn't say that Fiji is on my top five list of places I want to go in the near future. I've even pinned a Fijian 50 dollar note to my travel vision board in order to make it happen faster.
I have found a good substitute for my Fijian travel dreams whilst I wait for it to happen. A little bit of an at home spa experience is never wrong and these beautiful Pure Fiji products make it feel like I'm almost there. Almost being the key word.
The Coconut Milk Shower Gel ($19.95) has a beautiful and natural coconut scent and you can tell Pure Fiji have used the real deal in making this beauty. I've never been able to stomach the popular Coconut range from the Body Shop because the scent is simply too much for me. I now know why, the infusion was simply wrong for me. The Coconut Milk Shower Gel is very nourishing and it has pineapple extracts for a brighter skin tone. The combination of coconut and sugar cane ensures the skin is gently cleansed whilst remaining hydrated.

The Coconut Milk ShampooConditioner ($19.95 each for full-sized products) comes with a stunning Passionflower infusion and they are both sulfate-free. If you are unsure of what sulfates are, check out this great Decoding the Label post by Amy over at Bottled Beauty. It basically is an irritant so if you have sensitive skin you are recommended to stay away from it.

What I love about the Coconut Milk Shampoo is that it still lathers up even though it's a natural product. It also smells divine, like all Pure Fiji products. It also gives a thorough clean whilst still being nourishing. The Coconut Milk Conditioner is fortified with soy and wheat proteins which aids in repairing any damage your hair has occured and it will also make your hair look much healthier whilst being glossy and moisturised at the same time. Neither the Shampoo or Conditioner leaves any greasy build-up and my hair feels so fresh after using the winning combo.
The Coconut Milk & Honey Sugar Rub ($49.95 for full-sized product) is one of those rare scrubs that make you realise that you can't go back to using cheaper immitations of the real thing. After a shower with the Coconut Milk Shower Gel I use the Coconut Milk & Honey Sugar Rub and apply it in circular directions onto my skin. The sugar granules are gentle enough to exfoliate the skin without leaving it red and irritated. Your skin is left really clean and pores are unclogged which is necessary for the new skin cells to reveal themselves to the world.

My favourite part of it is how the combination of exotic oils, antioxidants and raw honey leaves your skin so hydrated after using it that it is almost like you don't need to add any body lotion or oils afterwards. It's perfect for cold evenings when you just want to jump into your PJ's after a warm shower.

Lucky last in my Home Spa Experience is the Nourishing Exotic Oil ($34.95 for full-sized product) with a White Gingerlily infusion. It is thicker than any body oil I've used before but that's a good thing because it leaves less of a mess. The Nourishing Exotic Oil can be used for a massage, as a moisturiser or as a bath oil - what a triple threat! The blend of exotic nut extracts and virgin coconut oil ensures your skin is left hydrated without being sticky and it stays nourished all day.

Since it's so gentle it's perfect for anyone with allergies and it's kind enough to be used daily. I like jumping out of bed (after snoozing for 20 minutes) and applying some Nourishing Exotic Oil before getting dressed for the day. That way I know my skin will stay hydrated all day whilst being beautifully scented. For an added glow you can mix it with some tinted body lotion or illuminator to make your legs look like they could be mistaken for belonging to J.Lo.

Do you have spa experiences at home? Have you tried Pure Fiji before?

Xx I

These products were kindly gifted to me by Pure Fiji. It has not affected my opinion at all because I am genuinely a fan of these natural and plant-infused products. If you would like to see my disclosure policy, click here.


  1. I love coconut milk and the idea of spa at home! Thanks for the review Ingrid!

    1. Coconut milk is so delicious, don't you think Rita? You are so welcome xxx

  2. Oh, I do love these products! I first experienced them in a day spa on Magnetic Island. I had warmed oil poured over my forehead and down my back. I still am not quite sure why I agreed to it because it is not really my thing but it was HEAVENLY! x

    1. How amazing! I love Magnetic Island, I've been there twice and it's paradise on earth.

      The oil experience sounds magnificent! xx

  3. These all look fantastic! I've used 2 or 3 products from them (from beauty boxes) and I really liked them. Great post :)

    1. Thank you lovely Amy! I've never been let down by a Pure Fiji product, they are wonderful! It's almost like I'm in Fiji xxx

  4. I have not used any items from Pure Fiji. But I am going there in October and lucky enough the spa sells Pure Fiji. Ill have to add these to my list :) xxxx

  5. I'm SO fortunate to have lived around the corner from Pure Fiji HQ in Suva :D It's a gorgeous place to chill out from the crazy dusty chaos of the bustling streets! x


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