The Colour Theory Launch

Last Tuesday I attended the launch of the Colour Theory range at the beautiful Sailors Club in Rose Bay. The location was superb and the weather was in full cooperation too! As we walked into the launch we were greeted with festive balloons and there was so much makeup to play with too. Colour Theory will be launching in Spring 2013 (around October) and will be available from Amcal Pharmacies and Guardian Pharmacies Australia wide.
I mentioned that the location was amazing but this picture doesn't even do it justice. I could spend all day at this lounge and not even get bored.
Since I was in a rush that morning I hadn't even had time for breakfast before running out the door but I needn't have worried, the Sailors Club had all my favourite things on offer. I also want to send a big shout-out to the beautiful Nella from Beaute Gazette who managed to get me a coffee in two seconds flat. Very impressive!
After securing a wonderful breakfast I went straight to the Colour Theory Nail Bar. There were so many gorgeous shades to choose from and they retail for $4 so if you're ever in doubt about which shade to choose, you can always go back for seconds and thirds without breaking the bank. 
I had such a lovely conversation with the MUA who applied my nail polish. We decided on a colour together and she recommended Lilac-a-Lovely which suited me to a tee! 
I was so impressed by the coverage of the polish after just one coat. We could have left it at that, but the second coat is always good for added opacity.
The polish applies kind of like a gel polish and it looks really expensive. It's not sheer or gluggy at all and it feels like a gel coat on top. Lilac-a-lovely is simply a gorgeous shade!
After the Colour Theory Nail Bar I went over to the makeup station where I bonded with the amazing MUA over our love of dogs. We both agreed that there is something iffy about people who don't like animals. After applying on goop after goop also known as tinted moisturiser, blush, eye shadow, eye liner and eye brow liner the result was unveiled.
I was really happy with the result and I could easily get used to having a MUA doing my makeup every morning. I really liked that he focused on my eyes and added a bit of gold and greenery to bring them out, and he also used an amazing rust coloured eye liner called Slate which I fell in love with.
What's so great about the Colour Theory range is that it has four simple price points: $4, $6, $8 and $10 which leaves you with plenty of change for frozen yoghurt and your favourite magazine.

I will keep you updated on when Colour Theory launches in stores and will do a review of a few products so you'll know what to check out once the range is available.

Have you heard of Colour Theory before? What do you spend your spare change on?

Xx I

Images used are a mix of my own and some were kindly issued by PR. 


  1. Love the make up. And absolutely love the colours on your nails.

    1. Thank you Rita! Think the polish would look so good on you too x

  2. How lovely do you look!

    I can't wait to have a look at these when they launch in stores...the polish you had on is gorgeous and I love how affordable they are!

    That coffee looked divine too. :)

    1. Thank you lovely=)

      You will love the amount of choice you have from the range. Also, it is super affordable. My favourite is the eye liner! Yes, the coffee was much needed xxx

  3. Your smile is also pretty as your beauty. Love your polish also. I am a big fan of gel polish kit. :)

    gel polish kit


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