Popbasic's Salut Micro Collection

As much as I love finding a pretty dress for a special occasion, I am more focused on finding great basic pieces that I can wear over and over again effortlessly whilst remaining stylish. They say that you only wear 10% of your wardrobe and I have to agree, even after I've donated several bags of clothing to charity.

There is a new solution on the scene is called Popbasic and its goal is to build your style one micro collection at a time. It is not a subscription service but when each collection is released you have the opportunity to order it after having viewed the pieces online, but they are limited edition so you have to be quick. If you sign up to the notification list you will be one of the first to know when a micro collection is ready for sale.
I recently ordered the Salut Micro Collection and it cost USD 85, but shipping is free world-wide. The order arrived within a week which I was very impressed with. In the box I found two Thank You cards, one of them being handwritten which is such a lovely touch! 
I also received a card with information about the items in the box, a $50 voucher at Shoes of Prey (where you can custom-design your own pair of shoes) and a beautiful clean skin roll on perfume oil which has a lovely scent. It already lives in my handbag.
I was excited about the Salut Micro Collection and I definitely had reason to be. Each piece is stunning and will work so well with other basics that I have. Before ordering I was very indecisive on whether to order the top in XS or S but I'm so glad I went with the S because the Le Breton Long Sleeve Tee is a perfect fit. It's also so comfortable. I am also a gold-lover (not a gold-digger) and the necklace is great on its own or for layering with other pieces. Lucky last is the Latte Leather Clutch which is super spacious. I fit a notebook, a sunglasses case, my big wallet, a Carman's bar (I'm addicted), a hand cream and a lip balm without any problems. It is also super stylish and the colour will go with everything.
I simply had to take Salut out for a spin (pun intended)...
I kept the overall look very clean with my favourite RayBans, simple straight hair (still haven't had time for a haircut), and a jiggly arm party.
The Hermes was a present from my man, the cream bangle is from Equip and the white Cecilie Melli bracelet was given to me by my Norwegian BFFs for my birthday.
My jeans are so dark they are nearly black and I love them. I got them from River Island when I was in London before Christmas and the cost per wear is already down to a dollar. I've also had my black leather Converse for years and they are constantly in use.
On a sweet note, we went to a French cafe in our former neighbourhood on Saturday and enjoyed huge bowlachinos which you had to hold with two hands and I had a magnificent Nutella crepe with added strawberries. Somehow, getting the strawberries included made me feel a little bit healthier although I know it's not true. This was one decadent breakfast. Then again, a little bit of Saturday indulgence never hurt anyone.

Have you tried Popbasic before? How much of your wardrobe do you think you use?

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  1. ooo i love the shirt.. and the clutch and the necklace! Serious love. I am looking into this right now (so cheap: and do I love me a good striped shirt).

    Thanks for posting about it lovely!

    Luc X

    1. I love it too Lucy, can't get enough of it:) Salut sums up my style in one word. Hope you got in before it sold out beautiful xxx

  2. OMG!!! I super love the top! Love the color and print. The necklace looks so elegant and classy too.

    1. Thanks Alicia! I am obsessed with Salut xxx

  3. I love the shirt when I have the opportunity to read blogs as interesting as this. really thanks and congratulations.



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