Monday Mani: Butter London in Diamond Geezer and Trout Pout

This week's mani was a very sweet one. I combined my favourite coral Trout Pout with platinum Diamond Geezer, both from Butter London. I really like that the Butter polishes are 3-free so that there are no nasties in them. The bottle design is also really cool and the brush is very precise for polishing. The polishes retail for $22 each but they last a long time and I love their pigmentation. You can get away with one coat but two is always better. At the moment Adore Beauty has a 15% sale on Butter London polishes with the code BUTTER15. This is dangerous for me because I am so intrigued by the perfectly orange Jaffa and the Matte Finish Top Coat, but I don't need any nail polish at the moment.
The plan behind this mani was that I wanted a pink-coral mani with the royal touch. The Royal Baby is due to be born any day now and I think it's going to be a girl. I love the royals and can't wait to see the new bubba. For the name I think it will be either a Princess Alexandra or a Princess Elizabeth. It will also be interesting to see if Diana is given as a middle name, hopefully so.
The royal touch I added was a couple of Diamond Geezer feature nails because the platinum polish was released in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee last year. It also makes the mani slightly gender neutral although not quite.
It also appears that feature nails have become quite the accidental trademark for me. My girlfriends expect them now and people I don't see often comment that they always think I'll be having a feature nail or two when I see them again. I don't mind at all but it is all a coincidence. I just really like the look of feature nails.

What is your favourite Butter London shade? Do you think the royal baby will be a boy or a girl?

xx I


  1. Ooooh depending on my mood I've got my eye on "Molly Coddled", "Disco Biscuit" and "Thames" shades :D

    Re: the royal arrival...I'm confident it will indeed be some form of lovely human baby ;)

    1. They are all gorgeous!

      Had to laugh out loud when I read your guess, I am 100% confident you are right xx


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