Lush Cruelty Free Kisses Event!

On Wednesday night I went to an event at Lush where they launched their Cruelty Free Kisses campaign which also focuses heavily on the importance of banning animal testing. The main event of the Cruelty Free Kisses campaign is the attempt at setting a Guinnes World Record on 6th July. The goal is to collect the most lip prints within 12 hours and the last record was set in 2010 when over 22,000 lip prints were obtained. The World Record attempt also coincides with International Kissing Day so all you have to do is pucker up, head to a Lush store and you can be a part of a new record.

Bringing the spotlight onto the banning of animal testing is also incredibly important and I learnt so much from the presentation given by the Humane Society International. The unnecessary animal testing that is occurring is absolutely disgusting and it has to stop. If you would like more information regarding the companies who do not test on animals, check out this pdf from HSI. I will definitely be consulting this list before I purchase cosmetics next time. As consumers we can vote with our feet and if enough people avoid companies that test on animals, we can get the businesses to understand that they have to change their ways.
The event on Wednesday took place in Sydney's Queen Victoria Building and it was lots of fun. We got to do some DIY, a little kissing on male models and I had such an insightful Emotional Brilliance colour reading that I simply have to do a seperate post on it.

I wore Bobbi Brown's Ultra Nude palette on my eyes, OPI's Jade is the New Black on my talons and kept my lips simple. I also made sure to wear my new Her Fashion Box scarf because it's so comfortable, but also so pretty! Here I am with the lovely Lucy from Love Luc. She wore the most beautiful mulberry lippy which I unfortunately forgot to get the name of.
After my Emotional Brilliance colour reading it was time for the Kissing Booth. We got to choose a lip shade and then we had to kiss the models on their shirts to get the Cruelty Free Kisses campaign started.  I learnt that there is no flattering angle for a kissing booth photo when you're my height but I was pleased with the result. I chose to wear Strong which is a stunning orange lippy and it made a great mark on the white shirt.
The last activity was what I was most excited about. I am such a fan of the lip scrubs from Lush and I've finished a jar or two of the Bubblegum in my time. This time we got to make our own Mint Julips scrubs which have been described as being similar to mint chocolate ice cream. Delicious!
In our lovely gift bags we were given everything we needed to re-create perfectly kissable lips whilst staying cruelty free. The aforementioned Mint Julips Lip Scrub, the Emotional Brilliance lippy in the shade Strong (my favourite!), a super handy multi-purpose Ultrabalm, None of Your Beeswax lip balm and the Sparkle Toothy Tabs which are an environmental alternative to toothpaste. 
I've also created my first ever YouTube Video where I'm doing a how-to on getting the perfectly cruelty free kisses in three easy steps. It was a little scary and I had some shoddy lighting but it's done now and you can finally get to hear my accent. 
If you want to participate in the campaign on social media and to create more awareness regarding it, just use the hashtag #crueltyfreekisses and you'll be good to go! Here is my before-shot.
Here is my after-shot where all the focus is on Strong. It's such a great shade and it truly packs a punch. It's super hydrating as well.
I am truly excited about the campaign Lush has launched, it's such an important topic. I also hope they will be able to beat the old World Record. I for one will definitely be heading into my local Lush store to help out. 

Will you be participating in the campaign? Are you a fan of cruelty free kisses? What is your favourite Lush product?

Xx I


  1. Wow this looked like a lot of fun, and for a fantastic cause as well! xx

    1. It was a super event! Absolutely fantastic x


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