Her Fashion Box - July

It took me a while to write this post because I wasn't as excited about this Her Fashion Box as I was with the previous ones. I know why and it is because I have been subscribed to the Feminine Boxes in the past, but this time as a one off I decided to try the Classic box and I guess it wasn't initially the best fit.
Like last month I received a gift for filling out the survey regarding the June Her Fashion Box. Since you can never have too many nail files I loved this gift and it is such a nice touch for providing feedback. 
The cover of Her Fashion Magazine was beautiful as always. The model is wearing the Feminine Beanie and necklace which is probably what I would have preferred to receive.
I received the Classic beanie and initially I wasn't too impressed, but last Friday I was working outdoors all day at a sporting event and the beanie came in so handy! It is stylish, warm and fabulous. It also did the trick of shielding me from both rain and sunshine glare. Sydney couldn't make up its mind with regards to the weather last Friday so the beanie was a necessity.
Since I'm a stripeaholic I loved the Honey & Beau clutch that came in the box. I've already started using it as a small makeup bag in my handbag. I also received another nail file with a monochrome leopard pattern and a vial of Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb perfume. I have heard so many good things about this fragrance and I have to say, it was love at first sniff. I have been wearing it ever since and it's just beautiful. So floral and decadent without being overwhelming.
I also received travel samples of the Pureology shampoo, conditioner and versatile caring oil. The shampoo and conditioner smells divine and I've already started using the versatile caring oil. It's become a handbag must-have so that I can tame flyaway hairs on the go.
The two items in the box I didn't like too much was the Classic necklace (I would have preferred the Feminine one) and the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. Whilst I was excited to receive the brand new BB Cream from Maybelline, the shade I received is too dark. I am pretty sure I've filled in a preference profile with HFB that my skin tone is light so I should have received the lighter version. Let me know in the comments if the BB cream would be more suited to one of you dear readers and I'll send it to you since I'd rather it go to a more deserving makeup bag. (First come, first served of course.)
What can we learn from this? I guess I should just stick with the Femine Box although I haven't decided to sign up again. Then again, the beanie and clutch won me over so perhaps the Classic was a good choice after all. I don't even like beanies and hats because I don't like covering up my hair and I ended up loving my Classic beanie. Growing up in Norway has seen me turned off electric beanie hair for life, but this beanie has made it worth it. 

I am just finding it hard to use the products I've been receiving in beauty boxes although I am doing my best to slather it on. I do love the travel hair care products since I travel a lot with work, it makes my packing much easier and it's a great way of trialling a product before purchasing a full-size version.

Do you dislike beanie hair? Thoughts on FlowerBomb?

Xx I 


  1. I had the same problem with the BB cream sadly. I love my pale skin but like the coverage of the BB and the addition of salicylic acid so bought the light shade for myself.
    And I got the Trendy box and adore the ombre beanie!

    1. Oh that's no good Hayles. I love the idea of this BB cream but I know it's going to be the wrong shade for me so I'm leaving it for the moment. The ombre beanie is gorgeous indeed xxx

  2. I'm a medium :D

    I think that Her Fashion Box have really upped their game recently. I got one of the feminine boxes when they launched but I didn't think it was worth the money. I'm keeping an eye on them to see if it's worth re-signing up to them or not :)

    1. Excellent news Jen:) I'll send the BB cream to you!

      I thought HFB has been really good, and the last box was excellent, I just didn't like this month's skin care match or necklace. I'm a fickle thing, I know...:)


  3. YAY for the beanie success story ;D x

    I don't suppose they have an "eco-box" or a "vegan-box"?

    KB x

    1. Hi lovely! I know, was so pleased the beanie was a perfect fit!

      They don't have an eco-box, but Native Box does a cool sustainable box every month. Check out this link:) http://www.nativebox.com.au/GetTheBox.aspx xxxx

  4. Love the beanie so cool!


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