Behind the Brand: a Visit to the Pure Fiji Showroom!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting the Pure Fiji showroom and it was fantastic. I always enjoy learning about how a brand was created and the story behind Pure Fiji is terrific. In just 15 years it has gone from its inception in Fiji to becoming an international award-winning brand which continues to grow. I met with Sophia, the PR Manager, and the brand was created by her mum and older sister so she knows everything there is to know about Pure Fiji.
Pure Fiji is a natural brand and it aims to bring you the best of Fijis flora and fauna. It's all about going back to basics and utilising what the island has to offer. This includes combining green coconut, pineapple, papaya, plant extracts, exotic drift nut oils, sugar cane and passion flower with modern technology to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. Pure Fiji does not do animal testing which is great.
I felt like a kid in a candy store taking in all the products and the packaging is so clean and beautiful. I love all the pretty colours! Pure Fiji has something for everyone, and there even is a men's line called Mana'la.
Pure Fiji also offers a range of beautiful gifts and it's almost like an island experience in a box. This spa basket comes in four different fragrance infusions: Coconut, Gingerlily, Mango and Starfruit. Hibiscus is my favourite flower and it looks so pretty on the top of the basket.
What continues to impress me is the community engagement from Pure Fiji. When a product is developed the company always thinks about how they can process any waste that occurs during the production process and reducing their carbon footprint.

The basket itself has been handwoven, and the recycled paper inside is very special because it has been made as a byproduct of the production. This has created a snowball effect where the impact on the environment has been reduced, more jobs have been created in the Fijian rural community and people who would not have access to education now have this opportunity. Isn't it amazing that a piece of paper can mean so much?
Mango is one of my favourite infusions and this travel candle is just perfect for when you are on the road and want to make your hotel room more comfortable and homely.
Pure Fiji uses only cold-pressed nut oils and because they use a special method the structure of the oil is close to how nature designed it. It basically means that the oils remain high in Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamins A, C, B and E plus an abundance of antioxidants. As a result the oils are absorbed by the skin really quickly and it becomes hydrated, more elastic and skin regeneration is accelerated. My favourite oil is the Dilo Oil but I will tell you more about it in the coming weeks.
I think I tried every single tester there was and my top three infusions include Coconut, Mango and Starfruit. What's so good about the infusions is that they actually smell like what they are. The frangipani is very close to the real thing and so is the orange blossom. I think it is because the products are created to be as natural as possible and they're not artificial creations.
My visit to the showroom was great and I really enjoyed learning more about Pure Fiji. It is fantastic that a family business has made such an impact on the Fijian community, whilst also being so successful internationally.

Have you used Pure Fiji before? Which fragrance infusion are you most interested in?

x I


  1. I'm a massive Pure Fiji fan - especially after living in Suva for 3 years and doing my Christmas shopping at their factory outlet :D x

    1. You lucky, lucky girl! I really want to go to Fiji and you got to live there:) How sensational!

      It's such a beautiful brand isn't it Kendall? I love the philosophy behind it and how wonderful the products are x

  2. Absolutely lovee their body butter in coconut..smells amazing! Bet their showroom smelt heavenly!

    xo Jess

    Your Daily Break

    1. Isn't it divine? So lush! You are totally right, the showroom was scented to perfection xx

  3. Oh yay! So glad you got to visit them. They are just so lovely and kind and encompass such great and benevolent things. I love coming back from a tough, muddy evening at boot camp and scrubbing down with their Coconut Sugar scrub, followed by coconut oil!

    Luc X

    1. Yes it was fantastic Lucy:) So amazing to learn about everything behind the brand and their community engagement. The Sugar Scrub is heavenly. Almost like a Pure Fiji Spa at home xxx


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