Winter Hydration Superstars featuring Neutrogena and Aveeno

As the temperature drops outside, it also gets harder to keep your body hydrated through winter. It is so easy to start neglecting your daily moisturising routine. The quick change from a hot air conditioned office to the chilly outdoors doesn't help either. As much as I have been doing my best to avoid falling into the lazy trap, it is kind of inevitable. I have therefore put a plan in place and what works for me is to have my moisturisers lined up next to my wardrobe so that I don't forget about their importance.

I am also a huge fan of a soap/moisturiser combination because they often compliment eachother so well. I have nearly finished another bottle of the beautiful Neutrogena rainbath refreshing shower and bath gel. The scent is truly refreshing with a blend of fruit, herbs and spices. The gel moisturises and invigorates without leaving a heavy residue. The pump bottle is an added bonus. One of my favourite things about this shower gel is that it can also be used as a shaving gel and it is an excellent time saver in that respect. The rainbath shower gel softens the hairs which also makes shaving a lot quicker.

Its partner in crime is the Neutrogena Body Oil which has a light sesame formula. I usually apply it straight after a shower and a little bit of oil goes a long way. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and nurtured. My latest weekday routine is to finish work, go to the gym, dream of apple pie whilst on the thredmill, have a shower with rainbath and finish it off with the body oil before jumping into my navy onesie and inhaling said apple pie. For fancier occasions the body oil can be lightly mixed with some shimmer or bronzer to make you appear to be even more glowing than you already are.
The Neutrogena rainbath shower gel and body oil both cost $12.99 and are great winter saviours. I have also added a snippet of my running playlist if you want to see what gets me moving. It is a great mix of old and new, Scandinavian and international. I am also eyeing off the new Ministry of Sound Running Trax Winter 2013 album which is filled with fun tracks to get you moving. 
Back to Project Hydration and the other combination I have been using (and loving) is from Aveeno. You may have seen the Aveeno ads recently where gorgeous Jennifer Aniston has been introduced as a brand ambassador. She is a fan of the active naturals and so am I. 

The Daily Moisturising Lotion is super gentle and will appeal to anyone who has a resistance or allergy towards strong scents. It is fragrance free, hydrating and you don't have to use much to make a difference. The lotion is non-greasy and won't clog pores. The 354ml bottle will go a long way and is affordable at $12.99. I like that it doesn't compete with my fragrance choice of the day which lately has been Chanel's No 18.

The Daily Moisturising Body Wash is also a winner. After using it my skin always feels soft and hydrated. The Lotion and the Body Wash both have oatmeal as a key ingredient and the benefits of oats have withstood the test of time. It's a natural soother, anti-irritant and the goal is to replenish the skin's original mositure levels. My skin can be sensitive from time to time but I haven't had any problems with Aveeno's products. I also like that the lid is flat because when the bottle is almost finished, I can leave it upside down and it helps me squeeze out every last bit. At $9.99 it is another budget-friendly option. 
Thanks to these four products my skin has been really happy, healthy and moisturised lately. The fact that it's getting colder is no excuse to let the hydration regime slip and I'm trying to remind myself that it doesn't take a lot of time or energy to keep it going. A quick two minutes at morning and night is all you need and the results are definitely worth the extra effort. 

What are your favourite winter hydration tips? Do you have a onesie too? 

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These products were sent to me for consideration. This has not affected my opinion and if you would like more information about my disclosure policy you can see it here. The iTunes song choices are entirely my own. 


  1. I love the Aveeno body wash, A firm favourite in my shower!

    1. I agree Rachel, it is absolutely fantastic. So hydrating and my skin loves it. I love the price tag too X


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