Violet Box - the Newest Kid on the Block

I was recently told about the newest beauty box on the market called Violet Box and was lucky enough to have a box sent to me as well. The goal of Violet Box is to get the best beauty products sent to your home or office, and the brands included in the box are superb. Each month 4-6 premium products are sent out and if you like the sample you have received you can go to the Violet Box Shop and purchase the full size product.
I received my first Violet Box the other day and it came in a black sturdy cardboard box with a cute logo in the corner.
The package was wrapped in violet paper and regular readers of the blog will know that purple is my favourite colour so I definitely approved. My first impression was that the box was really light so I was very curious as to what would be inside.
On top were a card with details of the contents, a complimentary beauty makeover from ck one color and a special offer from Lash Control. On the back of this card was a one month free offer to Charlotte Dodson Yoga TV which will come in really handy this winter when it feels too cold to go outside and it's easier to exercise at home. One month is worth $19.95 so it's a great offer if you're a yogi like me.
In the box I found a gentle gel cleanser from Avene ($23.95 for 200 ml). It smells very nice and the 50 ml sample will be very handy for travelling. It is suitable for normal to combination sensitive skin so that covers nearly all the bases.

Another handy travel sample comes from Argania Hair Oil and it's their light treatment oil made with argania oil. This pocket rocket of a sample is 5 ml and will slot right into your handbag so there is no excuse for frizzy hair on the go now. Its ingredients are also wonderful; Sweet Almond Oil, Carrot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and more. A 100 ml bottle of Argania Hair Oil will set you back 35 clams and it comes in the original form and the light version which I'm using at the moment.

Then there is the synergy that is the LashControl Clear Coat Mascara and Brow-Fix ($25, full size). Just the other day I was thinking I needed a new brow gel and then there it was in the box. Perfect timing! LashControl is a really cool concept from NYC. Instead of pumping the mascara wand up and down, you can squeeze the middle of the sleeve and distribute how much product you want onto the wand and thus ensuring that there will be no clumps on the lashes or brows as well. I can't wait to try my LashControl.
Next up was a Glyco Peel from John Plunkett ($28.95). It is a night time exfoliator with a whopping 25% Glycolic Acid which usually would make me run for the hills but I am going to give this a try. The most important thing is to ensure that you use SPF the day after application because Glycols and Retinols stay on your skin for 24 hours and the sun can actually burn the areas that you have applied. The Glyco Peel is suitable for all skin types and it does contain Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate your skin after the exfoliation has done its job.

I also received a ck one gloss eye color ($25) which I'm really excited about. I've been wanting to try ck one before and now I can. There was also a perfume vial of Calvin Klein's Sheer Beauty ($80 for 50 ml). The fragrance has a composition of floral, fruity and berrylicious. I think the scent is sweet, yet professional. It's the perfect combination of romantic and classic.
The ck one Gloss Eyecolor is a soft sheen gloss pencil that can be blended with other shades or used alone.
I received shade 800 ultra which is a really good colour for me. It's beautiful and shimmery and I can use it as a brow highlighter or as an addition to a nude eye shadow. I also really like the chunky shape of the crayon and as the swatch shows, the shimmer is quite clear, yet really noticable.
The subscription options for a Violet Box include one month for $22.95, three months for $66, six months for $130 and an annual subscription costs $250. 

I liked the launch box of Violet Box and thought it was good value plus a good combination of makeup, skin care and hair product. Three full sized products and three samples + some vouchers is a really good combination. Another aspect I liked was that I got to learn of some brands I hadn't heard of before including Argania Hair Oil, LashControl and John Plunkett. 

I always think the launch box from a company will be of a high standard so I'm truly curious to see what Violet Box will do for the next one. I for one have decided to subscribe to next month's box and I'm hoping I'll be able to add some more ck one color products to my new collection. 

Are you curious about Violet Box? Do you like subscription boxes?

Xx I

I was sent this box for review. It has not affected my opinion at all and I am 100% honest as always. Please see my disclosure policy here for more information. 


  1. i love ck one color. I have a lipgloss of that brand!

    1. That is so gret to hear True! I look forward to trying mine on the weekend:)

  2. We hope you enjoyed the John Plunkett Glyco Peel- it is truly fabulous for waking up to glowing skin (not that you need any help in that department :) )!!

    Take care,

    The Plunketts Teams xx


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