The Perfect Hangover Cure + Cover-Up.

I went out to a really fun 30th birthday party last night and whilst the the margaritas were fun in the moment, they weren't so much fun this morning when I woke up with timber-men in my head. Instead of moping about I decided to get up and at them and thought that chocolate chip cookies would be a good idea.
I still hadn't eaten the Easter egg I got from my mother-in-law so I decided to put it to good use in the cookies. I also added my favourite fruit-free muesli from Carman's to give it a little healthy touch. After baking for 15 minutes the cookies were ready and they tasted so good. They are also perfect little gifts for friends and family and the feedback I've received so far has all been great.
After my baking duties were done I moved onto creating a faux-glow to hide last night's efforts. I used Rimmel London's BB Cream in light to create the perfect luminous skin and added L'Oreal's BB Blush as the cherry on top for the right amount of flushed cheeks.
Next up in the distraction fase was project bright lippy and I actually discovered a Kate Moss number from Rimmel London which suited the bill perfectly. I'm ashamed to say that I've had it for a while but I hadn't got around to wearing it yet so today seemed like the perfect day for it.
The shade is 12 is a gorgeous coral/orange colour and it is long lasting and really creamy. It applies really well and survived the all important coffee cup test so it really does last a long time. Kate's range for Rimmel has sold really well and the colours included are all beautiful.
Step three in plan deflection was to add a cute pair of sunnies to hide any dark circles and I couldn't go past my favourite pair of hearts. The sunnies make my lippy look a little redder than it is but at least no one can tell that I have already broken my Jurlique promise of more beauty sleep.
Step four and five of the plan is gym first before a clean and healthy stir fry with chicken, celery and broccoli for dinner. Case closed.

What are your hangover cure/cover up favourites?

Xx I

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