NARS Blush in Lustre and Orgasm

I am a huge fan of NARS and I love their makeup. One of my go-to items is their blush in Lustre. It is such a gorgeous shade and I can use it both as a blush and a bronzer. I tend to use it more as a bronzer but I love having the option to change it up.
On the left is NARS Lustre and on the right is NARS Orgasm, which is a super cute mini-sample. Good things come in small packages and it is definitely the case here.
I'm on my second round of Lustre and it's been about a year and it's still going strong (I know it's a little worse for wear but it's highly loved). The NARS blushes retail for $45 at Mecca Cosmetica and I would recommend going there for colour matching if you can. It may sound expensive but the quality of Lustre is exceptional. I usually apply it in the morning and by evening it is still there. I never have to do touch-ups and the sheer golden apricot shade is also very flattering. I also like that the compact is mirrored so that I can check how my application is going.
Baby-NARS was a sample I received from Mecca in an online order and I took it with me to Queensland and it gave me perfectly rosy cheeks. It looked totally natural. Orgasm is a peachy pink shade with shimmer. Orgasm is the definite bestseller from NARS and although I like it a lot, Lustre is still my favourite.  
I am always drawn towards warm shades like peach and apricot, they are just so universally flattering. 
As you can see from the swatches, there is a bit of shimmer in both blushes but you won't look like a Christmas tree that ate all the tinsel. The light will catch the shimmer and make you appear more radiant and awake which is important now that winter is here and we all feel a bit more gloomy.
NARS have many other fantastic products like their lip pencils, sheer glow foundations and eye liners, but the blushes will always be my favourite. I like the quality of the colours and the fact that they can be layered for a more intense look. The glow they give is also fantastic and Luster is a firm favourite in my makeup bag. Orgasm is now a close number two.

Have you tried NARS blushes before? Do you prefer warmer or colder colours?

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  1. Thank you Caise,

    I agree:) Love the shimmer and they are both very flattering X

  2. I have orgasm and I love it! I really want luster too :) I prefer warmer colours as long as they don't make me look too red!

    1. Orgasm would be a beautiful shade on you. It really suits everyone. I agree, hate the red flushed feeling so it's important that there's a bit of shimmer and gold to detract from that x

  3. They are both gorgeous, aren't they?! I must invest in some NARS blushes, I've tried their foundation and bronzers but not the blush!

    Orgasm always makes me giggle...but it's such a cult product. :)

    1. I know! You would absolutely fall off your chair. Go into Mecca Maxima or regular Mecca and ask for a colour matching. It's the best:)

      I know, and they've introduced Super Orgasm too which is even funnier X

  4. I have to admit that I've always lusted after NARS blushers but have never ever tried a single on of them. Hoping to get my hands on some when I head down to the U.S later this year. :)

    1. Yay! I'm so excited for your trip! Looking forward to seeing how you go x

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