Monday Mani with L'Oreal, Hello Darling, Nail Rock and Butter London.

I've been playing with two nail looks this week and they have both been very feature nail focused. As much as a regular mani can be (and is) very pretty, it's nice to play it up once in a while and go for something a little different.
The easiest way to make a feature nail stand out is by adding a little glitter. I painted my nails with another Le Vernis shade from L'Oreal called Paris Avenues 621. I just love the gel formula and the coverage it gives as well.
On each ring finger I added a little sparkle courtesy of the Hello Darling Confetti Paillette top coat. I made sure the two looks didn't match, I wanted the Confetti glitter to look a little chunky and uneven. I think it made the grey polish look even better and I love the gorgeous glitter from Hello Darling.
The look I'm currently looking is nice and red. I opened one of the Rock Beauty Gift Sets I was given at the Priceline launch in April and decided to go for the Seeing Spots Red Nail Wraps. 
I paired them with one of my favourite reds, Pillar Box Red from Butter London. The good thing about the Nail Rock wraps is that you get 16 foils in one pack, which is enough for a full application plus a couple of feature nail sessions.
I painted my nails with Pillar Box Red which has superb shine and coverage as always, and left space on my ring fingers for the Seeing Spots Red Nail Wraps.
I love the combination of dots and glossy polish and think it's a great way to incorporate a little bit of nail art and still keeping the traditional manicure going. I also think the two reds look great together.
The best thing about a feature nail is that it is very non-comittal so if you were to not love the final result you can just change it without ruining your whole manicure. I like combining different textures and colours to change it up a little.

Are you a feature nail art fan? Which look is your favourite?

Xx I 


  1. This is SO cute! I love them both but I have to confess, I love the red/polka dot accent just a tiny bit more. :)

    It somehow seems very minnie mouse! :D

    I do love me a good accent nail. ;)

    1. Thank you darling!

      I agree, it is SO Minnie Mouse. She is the best x


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