Jurlique Launch Event.

This morning wasn't like a regular boring Thursday morning. I had the day off and was excited to attend the Jurlique breakfast event at the Ivy. It was a lot of fun and we got to do some great activities.
The Sunroom at the Ivy was beautifully decorated and there were flowers everywhere. It was so stunning! I naturally love the striped wallpaper too, seeing as I'm a stripe-a-holic.
My personal favourite was the white rose chandelier arrangement. It was truly beautiful.
At the first station we were asked to choose a promise or more, and it was possible to add your own promise too. My priority promise was beauty sleep (is there ever enough?) but the other options were also great. 
At the next station there were beautiful blooms and herbs and we were asked to try and guess five of the ingredients in the product that was launched. I think I guessed three out of five right but after a while all the blooms started to smell the same. 
There was also a side table with lots of ingredients that are used in Jurlique products. It is always interesting to see how a product is created from scratch, and nature is always the best starting point.
At the third station (and my favourite one), you could create your own body oil with different essential oils. It was hard to narrow it down but I ended up mixing lots of lavender, a little freesia and a touch of lemon. It's a beautiful combination.
Station four was where the tea blending took place. We got a tea bag combined dried lavender, rose petals and more. My blend smells amazing and I am excited to find out if a tea-making career is something I should pursue.
The event was fantastic and we were also served delicious coffee, fruit skewers and gourmet toasted sandwiches. After an interesting and educational presentation regarding Jurlique's connection to nature and the importance of going natural, we were given some exciting goodie bags to take home. 
I received a plant with my beauty promise on it and I am planning on getting a little pot for it and to keep it on the veranda so it gets lots of sun through winter. Keeping my promise is another priority of course. 
Second up was the personalised body oil I made earlier. I have already started using it and it is divine! Super hydrating and the scent is just gorgeous. I think I am going to have to start blending it with a body moisturiser through winter to make the beautiful oil last longer. 
My special Jurlique Tea Blend looks terrific and if it doesn't taste quite right, I am going to use it as potpurri because the scent is out of this world. 
Lucky last was the special product we attended the launch for. I will be able to give you more information about it in August so stay tuned for a proper review and more details. 
Now I am off to brew my first cup of Jurlique tea, hopefully my attempt was successful!

Are you a fan of natural skin care? Do you love body oils as much as I do?

Xx I 

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