The Wedding. Part 3.

The bride and groom had a fantastic idea for their first day as man and wife. Seeing as a couple's wedding day goes really quickly, they decided to invite the wedding guests for a barbeque the next day. The weather delivered again and it was another stunning day! Bundeena in the National Park south of Sydney is an absolutely gorgeous spot and I can't believe I haven't discovered it until now. I would love to stay here on a lazy holiday for a week or two. There are plenty of nice beaches and the water looked spectacular. It's also just about an hour's drive from Sydney so it's great for a road trip, even for a day.
The wedding blooms were proudly displayed and I thought they looked even better on day two. So many pretty colours!
These blooms were on the wedding car and they made for a beautiful house decoration. Not that the surroundings needed it. It was so great to spend more time with friends and family and the bride and groom were blissfully happy.
Most of you will agree that the best way to cure a hangover is to go back for day two. I wasn't feeling too dusty but it was more the lack of sleep that was getting to me. I decided that it wouldn't hurt to have a delicious cocktail in a mug. The mint leaves added a bit of greenery too.
I also had a cider or two. The Strongbow ciders are always delicious and refreshing. I'm not a beer drinker so when I want to drink something from a bottle I go for cider. It's perfect in the sun on a beautiful day.
We also pulled out bean bags and I was just so comfy, I pretty much stayed there all day.
As the sun set on a fantastic day, I couldn't help but being reminded of the midnight sun in my home town. It was a spectacular sight and I felt very lucky to be there.
After all the wedding extravaganza was over we needed a couple of days with lots of sleep and then we were back to fighting form. It was such a lovely weekend!

Xx I


  1. I love these wedding posts, Ingrid :) They make me smile and I can literally feel your joy and contentment xx

  2. That spot of yours on the beanbag looks delightful! What a great way to celebrate the aftermath of a wedding! xxx

  3. Sounds like it was a lovely end to the wedding weekend!

    Love the photo of you relaxing on the beanbag!


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