New Purchase: Peter Alexander + Hollywood by Michael Kors

It's getting colder by the day and I have been doing two things; Upping my hot water and lemon/lime intake in the morning (1 litre is a great way to start the day), and I have been stocking up on my favourite pyjamas from the Pyjama King himself - Peter Alexander. The items I have bought over the years are still as good as new. Yes it is a little more expensive, but it lasts and the designs are gorgeous.
A couple of weeks ago Peter Alexander had a 20% sale on selected items and I picked up some of my favourites. The donut slippers are so cute and a perfect fit. They keep my feet warm in the morning and at night and are like wearing air, they are so light!
The moon and star pyjama pants are super comfortable. The pattern is beautiful and I love the attention to detail with the felt star and moon on the waist-band.
The most exciting item was definitely the navy onesie in a waffle fabric. It's got Penny, the PA logo on the left and the rest of it is a fabulous combination of grey and navy. It's the one I've been wearing the most, although I have been wearing all of my new PJ's.
PA does great packaging so I wasn't surprised when my pancake pyjamas came in a cute little fleece bag.
The pancake stack PJ's is a cute longsleaved top and fleece pants. Wearing it makes me very hungry for pancakes, but can you blame me?
In non-related pyjama news, I was away with work last weekend for an event and I managed to forget my Travalo so I went on the hunt for a Priceline to pick out a new perfume. After trying a few I picked out Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. 
It truly is a beautiful fragrance and I will be doing a review on it soon.

Xx I

PS - have you entered the international giveaway yet?

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