Rock Beauty London Priceline Launch + a Manicure from Zoe Pocock!

Rock Beauty London is a funky and creative beauty brand and Zoe Pocock is the Director of Innovation. Zoe is a celebrity nail technician who has worked with Vogue, Mulberry (my favourite), Kylie Minogue, Adele and more. 
Nail Rock has just launched in Priceline stores in Australia and it coincided with Zoe flying in from the UK to work with some Aussie brands for the upcoming fashion week.
The Rock Beauty designs are really affordable with prices starting from $11.99. Some of my favourite picks include the Blue, Yellow and Pink Stripes + the Chevrons (above) and below are the Frou Frous which are 3D accessories to add on top of nail polish. I love the cherry design, it's too cute!
There are also really cool Rock Book Gift Sets which make such a good present for a girlfriend or a a gift to self.
The Rock Beauty Disco Book features the Disco Eye Rock Designer Liners +
the Chevron Nail Wraps which is one of my favourite designs +
some Body Rock Tattoos which are gorgeous stars. This is better than any star chart I've ever seen.
I was fortunate enough to be given a manicure by Zoe Pocock and she is so nice! She dresses like a rock star, is super funny and very engaging. She also showed me how easy it is to apply the Nail Rock Nail Wraps and also explained that the most important part of it is making sure your nails have been properly prepared and filed prior to application. Each pack comes with a nail buffer and cuticle pusher so it's conveniently all there. There are sixteen nail foils in every pack too which is enough for one full application and one application with accent nails which I love.
The application process went like a dream and I must admit I was crushing hard on Zoe's nail design. If any of the nail wraps don't fit, just have a cuticle trimmer nearby so that the foil can be trimmed to fit your nails. I also noticed that Zoe pressed down the foil in the middle of the nail first before smoothing it out to the edges to avoid bubbles and crinkled nails.
We showed off our nails afterwards. Zoe also mentioned that she designs each collection of nail wraps around fashion week so that what we wear on our nails is trendy along with our outfits. Fashion week is also where most of her inspiration comes from for new collections.
The Nail Rock design I chose was the Metallic Stripe foils and I felt instantly drawn to them. I like that they are striped, that they mix gold and silver and that they look like I've spent a lot of time on them even though it was just a quick five minute process.

I was also given a beautiful tote to take home which was filled with some Rock Beauty goodies. 
I have it on good authority that the Nail Rock Nail File is sensational and having met Zoe, I believe it. I also received a Nail Rock 3D set in Doodad Black (the texture is almost like bubble wrap) and a Metallic Moon set which is red and gold. Just beautiful!
These are my new favourite books and they will look so good on my beauty shelf.
From the left is the Rock Beauty Nails, the Rock Beauty Disco and the Rocky Beauty Glamour.
There was also a gorgeous Disco AW12 Nail Rock set and a second set of the Doodad Black plus a cute London button.
Each set of Nail Rock foils can last up until 10 days and I will keep you posted on how I go with my Metallic Nail Wraps. Thanks to Nail Rock and Priceline I have a fancy nail obsession happening at the moment.

Have you used Nail Rock before? Do you like 3D Nails?

Xx I 


  1. Don't you both look gorgeous?!

    Pretty nails and what a gorgeous goodie bag too!


  2. Love your mani! The wrap designs look great, but it's the Frou Frou's that have really caught my eye. I must have the cherry ones!

    1. I know! The frou frous are divine and who can resist cherries? x


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