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I am trying really hard to pinpoint the exact moment I started reading PostSecret and I think I have it narrowed down to being sometime in 2006/2007. What was started as a small project by Frank Warren has become a big big deal! In 2004 Frank printed up 3000 post cards with one side being blank and the other side had his adress details on it. He drove to Washington DC and dealt out the cards to strangers and hoped that he would get perhaps one hundred anonymous secrets in return. The first secrets he received in his mailbox were scanned and posted on the PostSecret blog and this became a weekly occurence. Suddenly he received secrets from beyond the DC area, and the stats on his website grew bigger and bigger. In eight years he has received over half a million secrets. That is a lot of mail!
I have heard a lot about Frank's speaking tours and they seemed to mainly be located in the States and I was always hoping that one day he would be coming to Australia. In November my wish was granted and I quickly bought two tickets to his event. For months they have been hanging on our fridge just waiting to be used and yesterday it was finally time. I honestly didn't know what to expect but I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. I also brought my boyfriend who does not read PostSecret and he only had a vague idea of what it was.
The venue was the Enmore Theatre and it was absolutely perfect. The room has a great sound, it's small enough to feel initimate yet it's large enough to house a lot of PS fans. Because the first Sydney show sold out so quickly, another one has been added for tonight and there are still tickets available. I urge you to go if you can.
Photos were allowed to be taken up to five minutes into the show, and then all phones had to be switched off. I really liked that everyone followed this rule because I've been to plenty of movies and concerts where people are texting all the way through. It's more than a little annoying. 
The show opened with one of my favourite songs - Dirty Little Secrets from All-American Rejects. I never knew that Frank actually gave them thirty secrets for the band to use in their video. As with all secrets some are relatable and others are on a different planet. The good thing is that we are all different and we all have our own secrets and other peoples secrets that we relate to. What I really like about my Sunday ritual of reading PostSecret is the sneak peak into other people's lives and I also like the art works. It's probably the longest routine I've ever had.
I nursed my plastic glass of red wine throughout the night and really enjoyed the event. Frank was incredibly warm, engaging, funny and a very well-spoken man. I have been to public speaking events before where the presenter umms and aaaahs through it all and it can be quite hard to listen to. Frank also mixed humour with sadness and depression and was able to make people feel like something good was happening in the room. He also spoke about suicide prevention which is an incredibly important topic and what an important role Lifeline plays in being there for others when the going gets tough.
My favourite part of the night was also the hardest to hear, it was when members of the audience were urged to share a secret and there were about twenty people who were brave enough to do so. Some of the secrets were funny, some were heartbraking and some inspired hope. We all have secrets but it's what we do with them that matters. It could be just writing it down and tearing up the pieces, it could be mailing in a PostSecret or it could be sharing it with a good friend or partner. I truly enjoyed the event and found it to be both profound and uplifting. Mike also really liked it and he loves the concept of PostSecret now. I'm not sure if I've turned him into a regular reader but I've done my best.
After the show I felt really good because it felt like we had been a part of something big, a healing process for some and for others it was just an insight into human life. I truly enjoyed it and it was an event well worth waiting months for. Our post-event ice cream wasn't bad either although I still rate the Almond Magnum as my favourite.

Are you a PostSecret reader?

Xx I


  1. I am going to this on Saturday, I am so excited!

    1. I hope you had a good time gorgeous, it was the business in Sydney. Absolutely loved it X


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