Her Fashion Box - April

I got some exciting mail yesterday and it couldn't have come at a better time to cure a dreary and boring Monday. I don't mind seeing a pop of pink on my door step!
I have signed up to a three month subscripton to the Feminine Her Fashion Box which cost $99. The other options are Trendy and Classic and the main product that differs is the monthly feature accessory. I loved the necklace that came in last month's box and it has been such a compliment magnet.
I again really like the Her Fashion Magazine because it comes with indept descriptions of the products that are featured in the box as well as ideas around how to style your feature accessory. Naturally I read this last but I love a good cover photo.
I don't do much fake tanning (thanks to my bad spray tanning experience in the past) but I really like the look of the Self Tanning Foam from Bondi Sands which promises a coconut scent. The HFB magazine had lots of tips and I think I am ready to embark on a new challenge. It helps that the shade is light/medium so I can't go too wrong and I also love the Reusable Self Tanning Mitt. The Tanning Foam is 200 ml and $19.95 and the Tanning Mitt is $9.95.
Next up is some handy makeup. I love the idea of an eyeliner with a built in sharpener in the lid like this Eyedefine Eye Pencil from ModelCo ($26). It pretty much has a guaranteed instant makeup bag status. I got the shade black which is the most versatile for me and will define my eyes perfectly. I also got the ModelCo Lip Duo Lipstick & Shine Ultra Lip Gloss ($24) which also has a mirror built into the packaging. Another clever touch! The lippy is shade Nude and the gloss is shade Watermelon and they can be layered over each other or used seperately.
I've always been a Gilette girl but I am excited to try out this Schick Hydro Silk razor ($10) which features a Water-Activated Moisturising Serum, Skin Guards to protect the skin, an Oval Cartridge, an Erganomic Handle and Curve-Sensing Blades. It all sounds very promising and I'll let you know how I go.
Lucky last, and most gorgeous of all, is this month's accessory ($39.95). I was lucky enough to receive a gold floral cuff and it is stunning. I also really like the leaf details.
It fits perfectly and I can't wait to style it with my next going out outfit. It's also great for a day in the office when you want to feel a little like Wonder Woman.
I love gold accessories and this cuff will fit into my accessories wardrobe just perfectly. I'm happy with the mix of products in this month's box because it came at a very good time. I'm currently going through my makeup to discard old/un-used items and now I can already replace them with a gloss and a new eyeliner. I am also going to give the tanning a good go because I have a wedding to go to in ten days so I have time for a practice application.

Xx I


  1. Love the cuff!! I have the feminine box too & can't wait to get this one! I have had bad fake tan experiences but with an applicator mitt it is sooo much better!
    Great post xx

    1. Thank you Lisa! I will give the mitt a go:) x

  2. I'm signed up to the Feminine one also and this is looking great! I'm not much of a tanner myself (mostly because I'm super pale) but we'll see how we go :P

    1. Yay! I hope you liked your box xx

  3. I've been hanging out to see this post!

    Great review, love. I actually paused my subscription as I have a huge stash of products building up, and I have to say I'm glad as I already own all of the items in the box except for the cuff (which I really do adore). Actually, I haven't tried the Modelco lipstick/gloss yet but I can probably do without another lip colour. :)

    Not too fussed I missed out on the box but I do love the look of that cuff, I've been looking for something similar!

    1. The cuff is sensational:) I will let you know if I see anything similar Xx

  4. Oh wow! Love the cuff! Can't wait to see how you are going to wear it.


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