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I'm pretty sure we all want healthy and luminous skin. The kind of glow that gives compliments. A routine in the morning that takes less than five minutes but it's so worth it because it makes us shine throughout the day. I have to say, I am easily strayed from a routine because I like experimenting with different looks and I also think that it can be a little boring to use the same products every day. Then again, I love the idea of having a select few products that you know is going to deliver every time.
Yes it's a luxury problem but at the moment I have settled into a nice routine of BB Cream, CC Cream and BB Blush. The double letters are totally going gangbusters at the moment. I have reviewed Rimmel London's BB Cream before and I am still happy with it. I don't like using it on super warm days because I feel like it becomes a bit of a shine fest. I also make sure to use the BB Cream sparingly seeing as it is quite thick and I don't want it to become too pasty. Lighter coverage is preferable to me. It also looks much nicer when my skin is properly hydrated with both a great moisturiser and lots of daily water drinking.
A new kid on the block is the Nude Magique CC Cream from L'Oreal. It promises to use colour-correcting pigments in order to neutralise your base and create a flawless complexion. It goes on green which may be a little scary to some but as soon as it touches your skin it evens out any redness that may be present. I like to use it on my cheeks to even out any redness that may be present. I don't like using the CC Cream on the whole of my face because it doesn't need it and it's not meant to be a foundation. Some days I just add a little CC Cream after cleansing and moisturising and run out the door. It's great for when you want to look like you're not wearing any makeup but secretly, you totally are.
I recommend shaking the tube before opening it so that the CC Cream doesn't spill everywhere. The tube can be a little messy so remember to wash your hands after you have applied it. Below you can see how it goes on green and quickly neutralises to your skin. It truly is like magic and I like it as long as it's used sparingly.
I credit the Nude Magique BB Blush with curing my bronzer addiction. I rarely leave the house without bronzer but lately it's been all BB Blush and I can't say that I've looked back. The BB Blush looks quite clear when it comes out of the tube but when you apply it to your cheeks it connects with your pH levels and creates a unique blush colour for you. It self adjusts and does a pretty fine job. If you're not a fan of the clown-look, use the BB Blush extremely sparingly. You only need half the product you think you need and that's enough for both cheeks. It's much better to layer it on than it is to remove clown cheeks and start the base all over again.
Since you don't need much BB Blush at a time, the 15 ml tube will go a long way. I remember being disappointed with the size when I bought the BB Blush but now I totally get it and L'Oreal knew that I wouldn't need much product at a time. Because the tube is small it is also very handbag and travel friendly. I really like the flush the BB Blush gives me and it looks really natural.
I couldn't just focus on the face today, I also had to mention two of my favourite hair buddes. I have already gone through a tube of the John Frieda Full Repair flyway tamer and recently had to buy another one. I also like the Secret Weapon Finishing Creme so much that I have had to get another one of those too. They're just such amazing frizz tamers and I like it when my hair looks glossy, non-greasy and less frizzy. Because I've coloured it so much I have to be careful with it and make sure that it's being treated with good nutrition, hair treatments and serums.
In terms of pricing, these are all affordable cremes and potions. The Rimmel BB Cream is $12.99, the L'Oreal CC Cream is $26.99, the L'Oreal BB Blush is $22.95, the John Frieda flyway tamer is $15.99 and a full-size John Frieda Finishing Creme is $16.99.

How do you ace your base? What are your thoughts on all these BB and CC creams?

Xx I


  1. I've been loving the Lóreal BB cream and the oily-combination Garnier BB cream of late!

    I also tried the Lóreal BB powder and it's been love, it keeps shine at bay for hours!

    The BB blush has been on my list of things to try, I've heard such great things about it!

    1. I need to get onto the BB Powder, it sounds like such a great idea! X

  2. I'd heard that the new kid on the black was a CC cream, have yet to see them on shelves in NZ so I'm looking forward to trying one or two and also the BB Blush - thanks for updating me as to what's out there. I'm going to write these on my wish list :)


    1. Thank you Karen! I really like the CC Cream but I don't use it all over my face, only where it's needed x


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