New Season Nail Colours

Seeing as autumn is already here I decided to look for some new nail colours in a darker colour palette. I like the idea of seasonal nails and changing up my colour palette. These Color Riche polishes from L'Oreal have been on the market for a while and yet I hadn't tried them yet. I bought a few for my sister for Christmas as a filler present and she loves them so I thought I'd check them out.

They are very affordable at $6.95 for one polish. When I bought them they were on sale at three for two so I should perhaps have snapped up a few more but these were the colours I was drawn to. The green shade is number 612, the red wine shade is 409 and the grey is 621.
I also decided to try a couple of the Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure polishes because I was intrigued by their promise to be so complete. I also really like the colours and whilst a bottle usually costs $15, they were on offer for $10. Haute Chocolate 630 is on the left and Plums the Word 360 is on the right.
Because I spent $20 on Sally Hansen I received a gift pack with a Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat, a Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener, a Nail Shaper & Buffer and another Salon Manicure polish in the shade Frutti Petutie 540.
One thing I told myself before I walked into Priceline was to make sure that I didn't end up buying the same pinks, corals and reds that I usually end up with. I love my new polishes and can't wait to put them to the test. I spent $33.90 for five polishes (+ three free ones) and think I got great value for money. It's the same cost as a salon manicure or two but now that I have re-stocked on all the tools and colours I won't have to get one for a while.

Do you like matching your nails to the season? Do you have a favourite nail polish brand?

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