Mani Monday: OPI's Ski Teal We Drop

I had my nails painted again on Friday. I do love a little mani-pedi action and it's a nice indulgence. I had a blue colour in mind because I knew I was going to a wedding on the weekend and the dress I was going to wear is green and blue. As soon as I spied OPI's Ski Teal We Drop (from the Swisse collection) I was sold. It's a creamy teal and it is absolutely gorgeous.

I naturally had to make a vision board and whilst the amazingly beautiful YSL bag is way out of my league at the moment, the Sportsgirl sweater and Forever New earrings aren't. I love how the textures are played up in this outfit and the top has a nice and discreet animal print. If there ever was such a thing.
Thanks to my daily green smoothies + chia seed addiction my nails have been growing really quickly lately. I therefore asked my lovely nail therapist to cut my nails short and square. Easy does it and I think they look so nice and neat.
I am also on the verge of buying Ski Teal We Drop because it is such a beautiful shade of blue and the creaminess adds a nice touch. It is also a nice dark colour without going all black.
I look forward to telling you more about my wedding outfit later in the week so stay tuned. Have a great Monday!

Xx I

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  1. You're such a fashionista!!!! :) Love this post and outfit!


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