Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I have always loved Easter because it always means days with family, lots of chocolate and relaxation. I must admit that I have been feeling jealous of my Norwegian friends and family because they are currently soaking up snow, sunshine and doing lots of skiing. I can't complain about Sydney though because the weather has been gorgeous and I have been enjoying a hot cross bun + coffee breakfast for the past two mornings.
The Easter Bunny also kindly stopped by and left behind chocolate eggs, peanut butter eggs and bunny ears. The perfect combination for an Easter weekend!
I also made a giant whoopie pie Easter cake earlier today. Picture this: Two halves of chocolate pies with the most delicious tasting chocolate ganache in the middle. The ganache tastes like Kinder Surprise, one of my favourite chocolates. On top is vanilla Betty Crocker icing which I had to make Easter yellow. I can't wait to dig into this tomorrow with Mike's family.
I may have gone overboard with the kinder suprise icing but I simply couldn't let anything go to waste, it was simply too good.
I've also Easter-ed up my nails. When I was in London I picked up an MUA Nail Constellation tube in the colour Pisces (coincidentally my star sign) which I have been waiting to use at an appropriate occassion.
I painted my nails with OPI's Alpine Snow and then added on the constillation beads. I love the effect they give and the lasting power is surprisingly good. I don't think I could have all ten nails painted like this but two nails I can do.

I hope you're all having a lovely Easter weekend! Enjoy the bonus days off and the chocolate-coma.

Xx I


  1. I have the MUA constellation in Scorpio (my star sign), which I picked up months ago, but have yet to try! Yours look absolutely gorgeous. :)

    I also think that your pie looks stunning, and am a bit jealous of your Reese's peanut butter eggs! :)

    Happy easter, darling!


    1. Cool! The design looked even better when the constellations fell off, they left such a gorgeous pattern x

  2. I would love some of that pie! Looks so yummy and your nails turned out very cute too. Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you Christina! Happy Easter to you too x

  3. Happy Easter Ingrid! I love the nails! Rita@TheCraftyExpat


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