Hair How-To: The Curly Side PonyTail

In yesterday's wedding outfit post I shared details of the wedding, the outfit and the blooms. Today I want to tell you how to achieve a stylish and easy hairstyle in less than ten minutes. I ended up doing this by accident and will be doing it again because I got so many compliments, it is a comfortable hairstyle and it looks really good.
The night before the wedding I washed my hair, towel dried it slightly, applied some MoroccanOil and braided it in a simple side braid. I then went to bed and kept the braid for the next day in the morning. 
When I got home from work I had a sneaky hour of power nap (it's got to be done) and when I woke up I let my hair loose and lightly brushed it with a paddle brush. I then applied some Schwartzkopf instand volume powder to my hair from the ears and down. This was to get some grit because my hair is really slick and soft and nothing sticks if I don't get some texture in it.
I then lightly spritzed on some heat protectant before straightening my fringe. I then put it away with a bobby pin before curling the rest of my hair with the Remington Perfect Curl. The reason I used the Perfect Curl instead of the Hot Wand was that I wanted to get a consistent look on the curls and it's also just so easy. 
The plan was to just have a side curled look (just like all the ladies at the Oscars) but I ended up bobby pinning a part of my hair around the side so it ended up being a side pony tail. I secured it with lots more bobby pins and used the Schwartzkopf Ultimate Styling hairspray to secure it and put it in place. I then ghd'd my fringe again to make sure it would stay straight. I like the contrast of a straight fringe to curly hair although I had to pin mine back thanks to the wind. 
Oh yes, I was totally photo-bombed:)
In the days after the wedding I had my hair down and in a high ponytail and the hair stuck and kept the curls. I was very impressed and it saved me crucial minutes in the morning. This took less than ten minutes and was really easy. When it comes to my hair colour it is a little mix of everything at the moment and I have a plan to colour it dark now that we are in autumn. Watch this space...

What's your go-to wedding hair style?

Xx I


  1. Wow, I might have to try this hair-


  2. Aw, your hair looks gorgeous, Ingy, and so did you!

    You did a great job with the outfit/hair/makeup!



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