Brunette Again With John Frieda!

After going blond last year I had a plan to go brunette naturally and to just let my hair grow out. Problem is, it just took too long and I was eager to go dark brunette quite quickly. Whilst balyage is quite a big trend, I wanted a shiny and glossy all-over colour.
Two weeks ago in the Blue Mountains. The mountain is the Three Sisters, the top is H&M and the sunglasses are Oroton.
I've had a pack of John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour stashed away in my hair product drawer for a while and I've used it before with great result. My shade of choice is 5N which is a natural brown. Although you shouldn't colour your hair at home more than two shades up or down, I decided to take the plunge and just go for it because after all, how wrong could it go? The Precision Foam Colour is super easy to use and affordable at $22.99. I like using it because it is so straight forward and the money I saved on not going to a hair dresser has already been spent on a beautiful bikini.
After having the foam on for 30 minutes I rinsed it out and used the conditioner that's included in the pack. The conditioner is large enough to last for a few more uses so that the colour can really be locked in. What really impressed me this time around is just how even the coverage is and how natural the colour looks. This colour is a little darker than my natural hair colour but that's how I prefer it. 
I've also bought some Brilliant Brunette products because I really want the shine and gloss to come through. The shampoo and conditioner cost $15.99 each and the Shine Shock Gloss is $16.99.
In addition, once a week I use a clarifying shampoo from Pantene ($7.99) to clear out styling products and to refresh my mane. I also make sure to use a treatment afterwards to replenish moisture and it also serves as a weekly reminder to treat my hair.
I've noticed such a big difference after doing this and my hair feels much stronger and healthier.

How do you treat your hair? Do you colour your hair often?

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  1. I colour my hair a fair bit because my natural colour is very "blah" - I usually use a colour that is close to my natural, but still gives some extra gloss :) Love the darker hair on you! xx

  2. ive never used artificial color.. have just used Lush Caca Noir but results weren't great at all ..

  3. You look gorgeous!
    I dye my hair at the hairdresser - my natural colour is a mid-brown but I've been dying it red for a while now. It was a bright red, but I've gone a deeper red for autumn. I love how much you can do with hair!

  4. I normally go for a colour that's just a bit lighter than my normal hair colour, because bleaching it seems to make my hair go crazy. :(

    You look so very gorgeous!

    Dark hair really always looks more lustrous and shiny, doesn't it?



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