Birthday Banoffee Pie

I am a huge Banoffee Pie fan and for my boyfriend's birthday last Saturday I wanted to make him a special Banoffee Pie. Something different from your average cake and yet guaranteed to be super delicious. I used a recipe from Donna Hay, my favourite baking and cooking queen.
I got the ingredients from my local Woollies and had to battle rain and lots of wind. The weather in Sydney wasn't cooperating that's for sure.
I had never made a shortcrust pastry before but I used a basic shortcrust recipe, also from Donna Hay, and it was really easy. After the butter, flour and water had been mixed the dough rested wrapped in gladwrap for half an hour in the fridge. I rolled it out and placed it in the pie tin and forked the base.
After 30 minutes in the oven (half with rice and baking paper on top and half without) the base was ready to go. It rested for a few minutes whilst I got the whipped cream ready for assembly.
The recipe called for two tins of caramel filling but I ended up using only one because it already seemed like a lot. I then piled on bananas and in hindsight I could have added more because they are so delicious and really tie the banoffee pie together.
The whipped cream consists of cream (duh!), icing sugar and coffee. I added more coffee because I like the taste and it really brought out a contrast to the caramel and banana.
My boyfriend contributed to his own birthday cake by chopping the Lindt chocolate up and also making chocolate curls.
He used a knife to slice off the chocolate shreds and it worked so well. It looks like two different kinds of chocolate has been used but it's all from the one bar.
After a resting period in the fridge for an hour or two (banoffee is a dish best served cold) we lit the candle, sang Happy Birthday and revelled in the deliciousness that this pie is. 
The next time I make it I will add more bananas, a little more caramel and buy a thicker plate of chocolate so we can have more shreds - they look so good!

Do you like banoffee pie? What is your favourite pie?

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  1. I've never had one of these before. It looks tasty though. I'm starting to feel hungry hahaha :) Have a good weekend sweetheart. XO


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