The Blogging Break

I'm back! I wish I could say that I went somewhere exotic but I just simply needed a week off. It felt so good and I am feeling very inspired and happy to be here again.
 I have been chasing the sun.
Enjoying my favourite youghurt/fruit/granola combo from Gusto, a top notch meal to start the day.
My green smoothies are still going strong and they are so delicious. They give me so much energy and I love that I get veggies, fruit and water with a dash of chia seeds on the side in a quick slurp.
Sneaky afternoon swims with my man. I am lucky to live close to the beach and less than a five minute walk from the water. Life is good!
Sneaky and oh so delicious raspberry caprioskas.
Rehabilitating my hair with some gorgeous OriginalMineral products from Luxelist. It's a gorgeous website with some of my favourite hair brands all in the one place. Got to love it. The Seven Day Miracle Mask is absolute top notch and my hair loves it. 
I also saved some chocolates from my Norway trip and have been slowly gobbling them up. It's a nice memory from home and they are a beautiful treat at the end of the day.

How has your week been?

Xx I

The OriginalMineral products were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


  1. What do you put in your smoothies? Mine never stay that green!

    1. It really depends, I pretty much always start with a base of baby spinach and mix it either with water or freshly squeezed OJ. I then add berries, carrots and other fruit. If I do too many berries it doesn't stay green. I also love adding chia seeds - they're so good for you X


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