Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

Over the last few years, different hair oils have popped up as frequently as the frozen youghurt craze that is sweeping the country at the moment. In my suburb alone they are opening up three new stores, and I can't say that I'm complaining seeing as it's so delicious! Going back on topic though, Moroccanoil is a brand that was absolutely on the forefront of the oil revolution for our strands and the gorgeous turquoise packaging can be recognised instantly.
The Moroccanoil Oil Treatment is absolutely gorgeous and it smells so good. It comes with a pump bottle which is super handy. After a shower I evenly apply a 20 cent piece of oil to the ends of my hair to smoothe and treat it. I never use it on my roots because that would be asking for a grease-fest to happen. I also use the Oil Treatment at night as a hair mask because sun, summer and salty water takes their toll on a dame's hair. It is also perfect to use as a frizz-tamer and to tame annoying fly-away hairs.
It does cost $52.50 for a bottle so it is a little exxy, but it looks so good on my nightstand and I know the 100ml will last a long time. My last hair oil lasted over a year so I am expecting great things from my little Moroccan friend. The benefits of the Oil Treatment includes omega-3 oils, vitamins and antioxidants which are all essential for healthy hair.

Have you tried hair oils? Do you have a favourite brand?

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