How To Create Your Ultimate Brow Shape At Home

I have been having my brows done by Lien Davies for almost two years now and I would not look back. Her attention to detail is striking, her technique is superb and I always end up with great brows after an appointment. My in between appointments maintenance hasn't been too good but that is all about to change now that Lien has released her new eBook called "How To Create Your Ultimate Brow Shape At Home".

Not only is it a complete visual feast for the eyes with beautiful and detailed illustrations, it is also jam-packed with good advice on how to work out your ultimate brow shape, an indept description of the tools that are necessary for perfect brows and my favourite; the 12 brow concerns that can be fixed with some work. My brow concern - the uneven brow has also been adressed. The best thing about this book is that Lien has given her readers the tools and advice they need to both create and maintain beautiful brows long term. She is not an advocate of waxing because when you tweeze you can slowly see the progress and not go too far. If a therapist waxes off too much brow, it can take months for it to grow out. Therefore, slow and steady tweezing wins the race. The Ultimate Brow Shape book costs $24.95 but if you like the facebook page there is a discount to be had.
I saw Lien for an appointment last Saturday and I could not believe how good my brows have become. Their thicker shape is more flattering for my face and I like that they are less angular. I really have found my ultimate brow shape and I'm now working on keeping them that way. Brow maintenance doesn't take too long in the morning and the more you do it, the easier it gets.
Thankfully I have Lien's Ultimate Brow Shape tome on hand for any concerns that I might have or if I need a refresher lesson. The book downloads in a pdf format and I have loaded it onto my iPhone and iPad so I am always prepared to have a lesson on hand. I also like to browse through the book just for the illustrations because they are that good.

Have you found your Ultimate Brow Shape? Do you wax or tweeze?

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  1. I am so BAD when it comes to brow maintenance. I have made it a goal for this year to attend to it (via my beauty therapist) at least once a month this year! I wear glasses and contact lenses and find it so awkward to stand at the mirror and pluck - plus I hate the pain it brings! Lucky for me, I'm not too hairy!

    1. I can be terrible but this book makes it so easy! I try and do a little bit every week so that it doesn't go too bad X

  2. Gosh, your brows look amazing, Ingy!

    I have heard that Lien is fabulous, but I live in Melbourne, unfortunately, so it's a bit of a hike for me!

    I've been growing my brows out by going to the Benefit Brow Bar, but it is a bit of a process. Definitely not for the impatient!

    I either do threading or waxing, but I try not to touch my brows in between appointments.

    1. Thank you N!

      She is lovely for sure:) Growing brows out is so boring but definitely worth it X


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