Three Beautiful Bags

Now I know that one of my New Years Resolutions was to not buy any handbags in 2013. I'm not going to pretend that it will be easy but at least I can reminisce about the last three bags that were added to my collection in 2012.
I picked up this beautiful clutch at H&M in Oslo. It was on sale so I got it for $17, which is not bad for such a gorgeous bag. It has a tassel (j'adore) and a strap in case I want to wear it on my shoulder.

Santa was also very good to me for Christmas and he stopped by Coach in London to pick up a thing or two.
Meet Penny, who is one of the legacy bags and is absolutely gorgeous. I love the tassel, the colour and the sleekness of the leather.
Penny also has a shoulder strap and it's the perfect bag for when I'm going out for the day and not bringing much. It fits a phone, a wallet and other necessities.
Next up is the glorious Madison leather Lindsay satchel, which is perfect for when I do go out and have to bring half the world with me. It was perfect for the plane trip home since it's so roomy.
I love the combination of black and gold, just like the Sam Sparro song.
The service in Coach was superb and we also got a complimentary leather protector. It will come in handy to ensure the leather stays as soft and beautiful as it was in store. When I'm not using my bags I have them stored safely in their fabric bags to protect them against dust and other annoyances.
Having these beautiful bags in my collection makes it much easier to keep my bag resolution. I have also written down a lot of my savings resolutions for 2013 and bags just didn't make it in my budget. I'm going to be a bore and save as much as I can, whilst still prioritising travelling and other fun things. I am sure it can happen!

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  1. Those Coach bags are so beautiful :) I love the last one!

  2. The coach bag is so beautiful. I'm on hiatus from working atm because of the move interstate so no beautiful bags for me :( It's on my wishlist though!

  3. I love bags and I love these bags. Husband is always asking me whether I am upsizing or downsizing every time I buy a new bag...it's so true!


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