The Last Few Days...

The flights from Oslo to Sydney went well and we arrived bushy-tailed and bright eyed on Friday morning. After a spot of too much duty free shopping at Heathrow (stay tuned), I was ready for the long haul flight. I also managed to see four movies on board so I probably should have slept a little more. It's just hard to get comfortable when you are squashed into tiny seats with tiny legroom. I saw:

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower which was truly excellent. So nineties (loved the mixed tapes) and so real.
  • Shadow Dancer which was average, even though Clive Owen was the leading man.
  • Killing Them Softly - no thanks Brad Pitt. It was awful. 
  • Trouble With the Curve is an amazing baseball movie with Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake. It was sensational!
In terms of in-flight beauty I made good use of the trusty old Golden Ointment from Lanolips. It's becoming very visible that it's been everywhere with me but it's just so good! I also used a sleep pulse oil from the aromatherapy co nz which was beautiful. It's got a blend of Lavender, Chamomille and Sweet Almond Oil. I think it worked. They also have a jet lag pulse oil which I want to try next time. I also made the most of my Skin Deep Rejuvenating Facial Cream and combined with lots of water on board it did the trick in terms of the hydration stakes.
As soon as we got home (and oh how sweet it was), it took me less than a minute to apply the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Gentle for some green exfoliation. It was much needed! I then applied a thick layer of Sukin's rosehip oil to make sure it all sank in. My hair got a nice mask of the macadamia oil from Organix. It was almost like I was at the spa.
In an attempt to help our jetlag (which we managed to cure in a day), we have been upping our intake of green smoothies. It feels extra good to get something healthy after having so much coffee and cake in Norway. I did have an unfortunate encounter with a very sharp Jamie Oliver knife and a pineapple on Sunday morning and managed to give myself a big cut on my left pointing finger. Thankfully it's starting to heal and I'm glad I didn't have to get any stitches. Hopefully it won't scar either.
We have also been loving the beach and the refreshing water. How can you not? Swimming is so good for the soul. I have also been good and organised my wardrobe and I filled a garbage bag of clothes to go to charity. Next up I am going to tackle my shoe cupboard, I think I can make some room there too. I do love to organise, it just feels so good when it's done.
I have also been listening to some new tunes. The only artist here I haven't seen live is Calvin Harris. Maybe something to do in 2013?
We went out for dinner and drinks on Sunday night and the ladies had pimms and the gents had beer. It was a perfect night which ended with frozen youghurt, strawberries and timtams. Perfection.
Today we went bikini shopping (successful) before we went back to the beach which also was successful. The morning started out grey but it cleared up and ended up being another amazing day. It feels good to be back in the sunshine!

How was your week?

Xx I 


  1. You had TimTams?! Are they as good as everyone says they are. I have heard a youtuber (itsjudytime) talk about them and she makes me feel like goign on a hunt for them. Sadly were I live we're very limited to international products. Back in Australia looks just like here in Barbaods! It's so sunny, but the nights are chilly. I've over indulged this past holiday too. I don't think I have this badly since I was little. Ah well. haha.


    1. I sure did Chrisamor! I love tim tams but I don't have them very often, too many other treats that take my attention:)

      Barbados sounds absolutely heavenly, I would love to go there! I indulged too and am doing my best to rectify it at the moments with green smoothies and exercise. But I'm not denying myself any treats - it's summer after all X

  2. I have been missing your round-up style posts (and your blog in general). Some great new music purchases - will have to check out Calvin Harris. Envious of your cocktails :) x

    1. Thank you Alison, it means a lot to me.

      Calvin Harris will make you move - great to run to X

  3. I still need to try the ExfoliKate and the dry styling oil. But I have already a million of both so I'll have to wait a while until I actually need an exfoliant or oil hahaha.

    1. Haha, I know the feeling:) Any time I finish a product it just feels so good X

  4. Welcome back to Australia Ingrid! Gorgeous picture of the beach!


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