Rimmel London's BB Cream

I am sure you've heard the expression "You are what you eat". I've heard it many times but it's never rung more true for me than now. I have had a couple of very indulgent weeks here in Norway and I feel like my body is made up of 80% cake and 20% coffee. Not a very good statistic but Norwegians love their coffee and cake and I have had more than enough. My body is not loving it either so I am hoping for healthier food in 2013, I am simply craving vegetables and fruit.
This has happened twice a day for weeks. So delicious but it's just too much!
My skin has also freaked out a little thanks to all the sugar and lack of nutritional ingredients.
I was therefore thrilled when I remembered that I picked up Rimmel London's newly released BB Cream when I was in London. It's available in three shades and I went for the light shade since I am rather pale. Now this BB Cream promises nine things. Yes NINE... Apparently it will Prime, Moisturise, Minimise Pores, Conceal, Cover, Smooth, Mattify, Brighten and with its SPF25 it helps to Protect as well. It's a big promise and I have to say that I'm quite happy with it. The scent isn't overwhelming and it complemented my face really quickly.
I did find the concistency to be quite thick so I would recommend starting out with a little bit and layering it on instead. The 30ml tube will last quite a while. I think I paid around 8 pounds for it at Boots so that converts to about $12 so it's very affordable. Whilst I don't need the SPF25 at the moment since I'm in the land of cold, it is good that its got the added coverage for when it's needed.
For now I'm happy with the BB Cream but I look forward to trying it out in Sydney too to see how it copes with the warmer weather. I am hoping for less shine and more glow.

Which is your favourite BB Cream? Have you had too many indulgences too?

Xx I


  1. I hope that other Boots store have bargains like this as well, the one I go to regularly (sort of) is the one in Thailand and I always stock up :)

    1. I love Boots, it's the best:) So many great offers. I did stock up a bit when I went to Bangkok too X

  2. Hheehehehehehhehe 80% cake :D you're too cute.

    I know the feeling. Since moving I haven't been in my usual routine and due to the stress my skin has broken out and is so awful atm. I hope your skin clears up soon XO

    1. I can assure you it's true. Starting to get very over it but it's tradition. We have so many different cakes for Christmas:)

      I really look forward to getting back to the routine and getting my skin back in order. Hope yours works out too now that you have settled in X

  3. That sounds promising!! I may have to invest when I go home to the UK to visit.

    Please update us whether it is any good when you are back in the warmth Sydney. All my make up here in Oman just sweats off my face and I look like a melted candle booo!

    1. I'm happy with it so far but I am looking forward to testing it out in the warmer weather. I hope it won't be too much of a shine-fest. I will let you know;) X

  4. Hello ma love!

    I am so wanting to try BB cream but am worried it wont cover enough for me (as you know I like a good cover)..

    What are your thoughts?


    1. Hiiii KittyKat!

      Whilst Rimmel's BB cream has heavier coverage than I've used before, it's not extremely heavy. I tried a hissyfit tinted moisturiser this morning that was very thick, I think you would like it. It also has SPF30+ so you can be sunsafe at the same time.

      Looking forward to seeing you soon xx


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